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5 Reasons Why Thanjavur should be Next in Your Bucket List

5 Reasons Why Thanjavur should be Next in Your Bucket List

Thanjavur is the best place in India if you want to pensive into some of the remarkable periods of Chola Dynasty. The city which resonates an ochre theme to galvanize the Dravidian history is the reminder of how it started to spread Hinduism outside India. If you have a soul that enjoys a dizzying Indian history and wants to jump into its eternal legacy, than Thanjavore must be there on your list. The modern city itself is weaved from its overwhelming past. Understanding culture is a highly intellectual thing to do, unlike the popular beliefs. It is your chance now to enrich your travel diaries with the beaming historical anecdotes of Thanjavur.

Royal Palace – The Royal Palace is a mixture of two scintillating dynasties of India, the Nayaks who took over Thanjavur in middle of 16th century and the brave Maratha Dynasty which ruled here from 1676 to 1855. Thus, its unique history makes it a palace made from the relics, restorations, art and royal gears. The Mahratta Darbar Hall of the Marathas will leave you with awe as it is hard to imagine grandeur the audience used to enjoy consisting of colourful murals, kings’ portraits, and a larger than life scale of the central stage.The Nayak Palace Courtyard is also not far behind to behold your attention with Chola remains such as bronze and stone carvings. You can enjoy the Art Gallery to immerse your artistic side into medieval India’s best art form.

Brihadeeswarar Temple – You cannot embrace the beauty of this majestic temple with just one view. Its architecture, colourusage and skillset makes it appear different at different sun positions and to be honest, the real visual beauty of this temple lies in how its individual charismatics interact with the sun’s.The morning white sunshine sees itself get overpowered with the dominance of the ochre granite outer material while in the evenings, this Chola temple is crowned by the duskiness of the sunset bathing it in different shades of red. The temple is symbolic of every phase of Lord Shiv’s life and its central shrine of 4-metre high Shiva Lingam below the 61-metre high Vimana(tower) is a shot of excellence of the Hindu ancestors.

Gangaikonda Cholapuram – This temple is an architectural gem considering how effortlessly it was made 850 years ago. Gangaikonda Cholapuram is a temple which can be attributed as a terrific fusion of devotion, architecture, sculpture, skill, and determination. Make sure to be present during the sunset to capture the best visual moments of this art piece of a temple. One amazing fact about the knowledge and application of our ancestors is that the temple is made such that it never cast its shadows on the ground.Whether it has something to do with respect to the sun or is just an art form, even after almost a millennium there is no alternative to such pristine construction.

Punnainallur MariammanKoil – It won’t hurt the traveller inside you if once in a while you set yourself up for prayers and devotions. There is a rare peace in it especially when you come to the divine Goddess Mariumm’s temple. The entire ambiance of the temple will instill you with positive vibration and feelings you only connect with some chosen songs. The Vimana of this temple is in many ways the picture-perfect with its use of light and bright colours. Try to become one of the locals of the city by standing in a long queue with others to take the blessing of the Goddess as only then you will feel the complete spiritual intent of this place.

Unlock the mesmerizing local land – Give yourself a break from the overwhelming elements of India’s finest temples. Visit Shivganga Gardens to enjoy a peaceful time with the rare species of birds there. On an easy stroll in the evenings, keep some change to buy the street Thanjavur dolls, paintings and art plates. Write at the top of your itinerary to gulp a plate of delicious dosas and idly on a banana leaf. Do go to the Banam Pub to imprint the devotional teachings which you would have gathered in the day’s travelling time with some madhira.

The temples and the way architecture have presented themselves to you in Thanjavur will become your biggest lesson of planning and execution with keeping the essence intact. In the entire observable past of India, there are only a few times that outsiders had no influence on the life and times of the people. And Thanjavur is the celebration of ingenious talent and dedication.