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Why to panic if you do not know anything about your destination? Check our tips.

Why to panic if you do not know anything about your destination? Check our tips.

As humans we panic often when we do not know what’s in store for us next. In our lives every moment is a secret, a surprise. We have no idea what is going to spring up just after this. That’s why it is very truly said we must not dwell on our past or be worried about the future; we must live this very moment to the fullest. We have no clue of where we will head yet we plan execute those plans in our lives. So is it with travel. The desire to travel is the first step and to decide the destination is the next!

Today’s epoch is a technologically driven where everything and anything is available at a touch away.
Sometimes we may not know about the destination we wish to travel to. No big deal! Here are a few tips you can use to find more about your destination.

1. Smart phone : boon in disguise: If you own a smart phone you carry the world in your fist. Today there is nothing that is not available on the internet. So in case you do not know about a place stop panicking and start googling. Right from the topographical nature of the place, to its latitude and longitude positions, to the most popular restaurants, to the even more famous festivals. Everything is available on your smart phone, all you have to do is have internet connections and search. A number of tourism websites are available too that give you very concrete and authentic information. Use your smart phones smartly to make the most of these.

2. Traditional means: Before the smart phone conquered most of our lives, there used to be a lot of paper based information available in the form of brochures, pamphlets, booklets etc. the tourism industry provided brochure which has all the information related to that particular place; important landmarks, important places to visit, top hotels, annual attractions etc. You actually get the view of the place in a nutshell on these brochures. They are usually available at the information kiosks or information booths in the airports or the railways stations. Local vendors also have these pamphlets. These will give you details about the place and you can also carry these back home as a mark of memory.

3. Paper maps: Paper maps are the ones that give you an idea about the address, important landmarks, and their routes etc. that are printed on paper. Maps give you ideas of how you can travel to reach your destination and how long will it take to be there. Maps have been ancient means and still continue to be very handy when it comes to exploring places.

4. Virtual maps: Google maps are available on the smart phones which give you detailed location of the place to the exact point. You can enter the place you wish to go to and get the routes. The navigation tool will give you directions and if you happen to drive, you can get the voice recorded instructions too.

5. Ask the locals: This is my personal favorite. Asking the locals and exploring the place is always fun. You get to know a lot more than you had intended to know. You get to know their culture, their food, their clothing. Asking people helps you open up and relinquish even better. The autowalas, the cycle rickshaw walas can help you a great deal. Asking locals will help you explore the markets and might also prove to be more economical. You’ll know about the best offers, sales available in that place. Remember the rule: you get only when you ask. So ask‼

6. Inquire from friends and family travelers: You can always ask your friends or family who have been to the place you wish to go to. Ask them about their itinerary, the places, the hotels and the restaurants they visited. Also ask them about the modes of transport available, when is it the best time to visit the place, anything and everything you want to know about that place. Your friends and family know your taste better.

There’s always help given to those who seek/ask. Never panic if you do not about your destination. There are always means which can be used to find more about the unknown.


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5 Gadgets That Are Worth Buying For Travel

Today, we are in admiration of the simplicity of our life and how close the world has become with the new rise in technology. Also, it’s a delight to know that something as raw and unpredictable as traveling could become more efficient through some high level thinking and coming up with realistic ideas to aid travel.

1. Lifesaving straw – For the raw adventurers out there who seem to befriend nature on a perennial basis, Life Straw is a gold mine. This simple gadget is a water bottle attached with a filter inside it to purify water. The filter is a thick cylindrical straw which kills 99.9% bacteria and protozoa from natural water. Life Straws are simple in use as we just have to fill the water from a source and drink through its straw. Its purification process uses no chemicals, no batteries and no removing parts and hence has an amazing utility factor. One bottle can filter as much as 1000 litres or can be used for a year regularly. For hikers and bag packers, it is a great way to remain hydrated throughout their escapade.

2. Grid organizer – This is one of the most efficient gadget to keep small utility products while traveling in an organised and easy-to-use manner. As the name goes, this tool contains several grids of different shapes with an elastic belt attached to fasten things into it. One can put their mobile, charger, headphones, make up it/shaving kit, health utilities, tooth brushes and a plethora of small tools and accessories. These things are often found strewed in our travel bag but with grid organizer, the products are not only safe but also organised and saves time of searching. Traveling is easy with this on board as the major categories are divided only into a bag pack and a grid organizer.

3. Solar bag pack – Imagine reclaiming the energy from your day time in your time travel while you hitch hike your way into a forest, mountain or a new city. Using solar bag packs, this is easily achievable. They come with thin firm solar cells on the outside and batteries. The batteries which are charged during the day through these solar panels can have multiple uses. From charging phones to lighting a bulb in your tent at night, it is capable of all. Portable mobile chargers now seem only a secondary option when we have these. One might think that such bag packs must be heavy but on the contrary they are extremely light and the solar panels are portable as well as waterproof. It can approximately capture 6 hours of sunlight on it which could power an emergency light source for as long as 14 hours.

4. Portable Laundry, Scrubba – Dirty and smelly clothes often plays a spoilsport in our outings. What’s even difficult and troublesome is to find places to wash them or if that is not available than we have to just stuff it under the sack somewhere. With the availability of Scrubba, things will get comfortable. It is a medium sized bag made of microbial and hydrolysis resistant polyether which simply means that it discharges water and dirt quickly. It is quite easy to use as the clothes, detergent and water are filled up in Scrubba. After that, to flatten its surface for an easy wash, theextra air is let out through a hose which is attached to it. It is a like a hand-use washing machine with no mess. Once the cloth is washed inside the bag, it can be hung anywhere for an easy dry.

5. A bike in the rucksack – This is a small bike (bicycle) which can be easily transformed into a rucksack. This feature of carrying a bike on the shoulder makes it of big use while traveling and going to different terrains. When hitch hiking or just going around a city, this will serve as a great purpose and can save energy and time. At the same time, this bike-rucksack also gives us the pleasure of having our own vehicle on our trip and that too on a permanent basis. It is very light weight and provides a perfect commute while we delve into the lap of nature. Our adventure will get an edge if we have one of these with us.

The advancements in technology have been a boon for travellers. With gadgets such as these and many more, a person can easily move out and roam. The ease of accessibility and the economical prices are enough to make sure that each one of us can travel according to our desire. This also helps us to explore much more than we would have. Now, one can easily leave his tension of secondary things while traveling, and focus on what the earth has to manifest.

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An Insider’s Guide to Buddhist Circuit

An Insider’s Guide to Buddhist Circuit

Buddha was an ascetic whose teachings changed the view of the ideology of life on the basis of which Buddhism was found. The Buddhist circuit is basically the places of importance of Buddha’s life; starting from the place of his birth, the place where he discoursed his first sermon and finally where he reached nirvana. The circuit was introduced by King Ashoka when he set out to visit each place of importance associated with Gautama. This pilgrimage is associated with the life teachings of Buddha and the course he took while travelling.

Lumbini, Nepal:
Lumbini is a pivotal place for Buddhism, where Siddhartha Gautama was born to Queen Mayadevi in 563 BCE. Situated in the bases of Himalaya, it consist of gardens of Sal trees with many monasteries. It is situated in east of Kapilavastu. It offers some important views such as Ashoka pillar, Pashkarni pond and Mayadevi temple. The Ashoka pillar was lodged in the memory of King Ashoka when he visited this place. The pillar erected by King Ashoka is the oldest inscription in Nepal and marks the honor of birthplace of Buddha. The Pashkarni lake is where the holy baby Buddha was given his first bath. There is a stone slab excavated at Mayadevi temple, which is believed to be the exact place where Buddha was born. There is also a pagoda type which depicts the sculpted Mayadevi holding the branch of sal tree and giving birth to baby Buddha. This site is a symbol of peace and is a nub for spiritual effervescence.

Bodhgaya, Bihar:
This is the place where Siddhartha became the enlightened one. Situated near the bank of Neranjana, Bodhgaya is a place where King Ashoka builds the first temple to celebrate the Bodhi tree. The Mahabodhi temple contains a diamond throne and the same Bodhi tree where Buddha discovered light inside him. It is visited by many disciples of Buddha at a time of full moon in the month of Vaishakh which is the day of enlightenment. The other sightings here are Animeshlochna chaitya, Mucchalinda tree, Rajyatna tree, the Ratnagaraha, Ajapala Nigrodha tree.

Sarnath, Varanasi:
This is a sacred place, situated 10 km from the holy city of Varanasi, where Buddha preached his first sermon and this is the place where a revelation took place. The deer park where Buddha taught the path to dharma formulated a sangha together to pivot the philosophy of Buddhism. Buddha spoke 4 noble truths, 8 fold path of Dharma, 3 jewels of Buddha for inner peace. The Dhamek Stupa is the precise spot where a new doctrine evolved.

Vaishali, Bihar:
A place where Buddha preached his last sermon, located 60 km away from Patna. This is the place where Buddha told his disciple, Ananda, about his looming bereavement.

Rajgir, Nalanda, Bihar:
Griddhikuta hill is a place where Buddha stayed for 12 years of his life expanding the lotus Sutra. The perfection of wisdom sutra is a way in which one sees the reality of life and accepts the consequences of reality. This place is associated with series of historical events; Shishunaga dynasty, haryanka dynasty, Mahabharata, Jainism and Buddhism. This site also is famous for Nalanda University which is the Buddhist monastery in the ancient kingdom of Magadha.

Shravasti, Uttar Pradesh:
This is the place where Buddha spent his 24 chaturmases here. Charturmas is a period from July to November. The site has stupas, temples, Buddha Park and introduces traces of Jainism too.

Kushinagar, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh:
Buddha is someone who attained nirvana in his lifetime which eventually introduced a term called as parinirvana when he died. It means that the soul has left the karma and dissolution of skandhas. It implies that the soul no more desires to chase a rebirth. This deep meaning can be sought here in Mukatanabandhana stupa, which preserves the cremation site of Buddha.

The Buddhist circuit is the introduction to where it all started. This is the path from birth to enlightenment disseminated a new doctrine. The tenacity of principles devised by Gautam Buddha is sacred and followed by all his disciples fervently. To visit these places is like opening a book of the enlightened one and understand the reason behind why Buddhism is relatable to inner peace.

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5 Best Yoga Moves To Stay Fit While Travelling

5 Best Yoga Moves To Stay Fit While Travelling

“A sound mind in a sound body”, this is a never-failing theory and this holds good even while you travel. However, travel makes the fitness schedule lopsided. So here’s a quickie on five of the best yoga moves one can do to stay fit while travelling. Don’t let that extra fat sag around you and upset your travel plans. Do these simple yoga moves to rest and revive you with new energy.

1. Neck stretches and hand rotation: When you are back after a full day, a tight scheduled trek or sightseeing in a bus, or you had to be upright for too long, sit back, relax, breathe in deep and slowly start rotating your neck. Rotate your neck clockwise and anticlockwise repeatedly for 2 minutes. Then touch your right ear to the right shoulder and stretch and let the muscles tighten. Do it for a minute and repeat it on the other side too. The neck will feel lighter and better.
Also rotate the fists slowly in clockwise and anticlockwise direction. Then rotate both the hands. This will loosen the tight muscles and help you relax.

2. Forward bend: The back gets cramped and too stressed and we might feel uncomfortable to continue to travel with the onerous back. You can do this posture: forward bend. Raise both your hands and breathe in deep and slowly while exhaling the air, touch the ground with your hands and make sure the knees are straight. Do not bend the knee. This will strengthen the calf muscles and help your back restore its strength.

3. Tree posture: This posture helps to stretch and strengthen the back and sides of your legs that gets stiff while commuting long distances. In this pose, you have to plant your one leg on the calf muscle of the other leg, or just above on the thigh. Join your hands and make sure to keep the forearms parallel to the floor. Then breathe in and out slowly and repeat this on the other side too. Do it alternatively. This will improve your balance, ankle stability and opens your hips.

4. Garland pose: Hip flexibility becomes an issue after a long journey in train or plane. Sitting for long periods can tighten the inner thighs and groin and hip flexors. This can cause poor back posture and back pain. Step your feet as wide as the mat, if you have, bend your knees and lower your hips, coming into the squat. Drop your torso slightly forward and then bring your upper arms to the inside of your knees. Bring your palms in prayer position and keep your forearms parallel to the floor. Garland pose will help you stretch the ankles, groins and back.

5. Half gas release pose: With better digestion comes better energy, and for better digestion exercise is a must. While we travel we are haunted by the digestion related problems. Worry no more. Do this simple pose that will help better digestion. This pose compresses the ascending colon on the right side and the descending colon on the left, stimulating the nerves to help elimination. First hug your right knee in toward the right side of the ribcage. Keep pressing your straight left leg into the earth as you hold your hands around the right shin to pull it closer to the earth. Hold for 1 or 2 minutes and then repeat on the other side. This will release the gas and help you get rid of the accumulated gases due to indigestion.

These yoga poses will surely rest your body and muscles and prepare you for a new day with great zeal and energy to enjoy the travel to the fullest.

Remember do not over do with your body. Every body has his/her own limitations and do not try to pull your way to that extra mile if your body doesn’t permit you to.
Stretch in your limits and see that the moves prove to fructify your travel and help you take care of yourself better. When the body is fit, the travel will never make it feel cranky.
Feel rejuvenated with the power of the YOGA.

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10 Travel Goals To Perpetrate Before You Turn 30

10 Travel Goals To Perpetrate Before You Turn 30

Thirties, family, work, pressure, commitments, deadlines, responsibilities, achievements, duties, obligations, more work, more goals oriented: these are usually the things we become, experience or feel in our thirties and we are so engrossed in achieving and fulfilling our dreams, we might not even be able to allot some time off to travel and rejuvenate.
That’s why so that you do not miss some of the best travel related experiences, here’s a list of 10 travel goals one must perpetrate before hitting the 30 years bar.

1. Travel Alone: This is one of the best things to do before you are 30, because you might have a family of your own by thirties. Travel alone so that you get to know yourself better, understand yourself more and learn a little more about yourself. It would be a great experience to know your own strengths and weaknesses which could be fruitfully applied to your everyday life that’ll help you grow beyond comparison.

2. Travel with your best friend: Make at least one trip to a place with your best friend. While you travel you can re-live all those glorious moments of your life and create more memories worth remembering. So plan a travel with your best friend before you both get hitched (with one another or with someone else).

3. Eat at the local eat street in the place you visit: The local food has the love in it of the common man. That food is an epitome of the hard work of the people, their occupation, belongingness and love for the place. Food at the local street is a must to make your travel complete.

4. Make a bike trip: Adventure awaits at every turn of the wheel. If you love to ride, want to feel the wind blow across your face, you want to feel your hair fly, you must ride. Ride to a place you love to. Ride on a road which is never there and let the adventure be your pillion rider. It enhances the quality of your thoughts, grinds your sorrows under the wheels it fills you with a sense of accomplishment and leaves you satiated and makes your travel experience a wholesome one.

5. Scuba diving: Travel to the nearest shore, take a dive and have a look at the corals and the underwater life. You’ll be amused to see and feel so calm. The fish, big and small, the underwater plants, the corals will make you think that how abundant and bountiful nature is. So scuba dive to become one with the blue.

6. Bungee jumping: Jump from a height with the ropes ties, the jump will set you free. It’ll be a phenomenon you want to experience over and over again. So jump off the heights and ward off your fear.

7. Go on a cycle trek: Check for the nearest cycle trek expedition and go for it. Cycling will remind you of your childhood and recreate the love for it. It’s an eco-friendly way, an innocuous way to trek. Cycling always teaches us one thing that we need to strike a balance to keep moving. A cycle trek will surely re-connect to your roots and will redefine e your fitness.

8. Sky diving: Do you want to be a bird? Dive into the sky and feel like bird. You’ll capture an image you can never forget.

9. Go to Himalayas: If you are an adventurer and if you like heights or otherwise do see the Himalayas and trek them so that you can feel their aura. The Himalayan mountain range is mighty. A trek here in these mountains will relieve you of all pressures, present you challenges so that you can overcome them in creative ways. A trek here will give an entire different outlook and will make you stronger, more courageous and a better human.

10. Witness any Indian festival in its place of origin: India is a land of cultures. People here belong to vast sectors and discipline, beliefs and faith. Make sure you visit at least one place during a festival: Durga pooja in Kolkata, Navratri in Gujarat, Dussera in Mysore, or Ganapati festival in Pune/Mumbai, Pushkar Mela in Rajasthan, Onam in Kerala, Pongal in Tamil Nadu/Pondicherry, Lodhi in Punjab : to name a few. Put this on your bucket list and experience a whole lot of goodness. You’ll see how a festival is able to indulge you in their uniqueness.

These are 10 travel related goals one must perpetrate according to me and I hope you like them and will add in your bucket list.
Travel not so that the world sees you, travel so that you can see the world.

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10 Reasons Why Living In India Is Joyful

10 Reasons Why Living In India Is Joyful

India, Hindustan, Bharat, these are the names we use to represent the largest democracy in the world. “Mera Bharat Mahan” is apt to represent the epitome of the mixed culture. India is a landmass that houses variety; here you’ll find an amalgam of food, culture, weather, diversity, geographical difference, all in one. Spirituality, awakening, worships you can see all this happening here. Deities, worships, devotion, festivals are celebrated with great pomp and celebration, of togetherness and uniqueness. It’s the diversity that unites the people here. People from all walks of life are united by this common string of Indianness.

Living in India in itself is a feeling of joy and celebration and celebration it with food, people, culture and work. So the ten reasons why living here is joyful are:

1. Food: variety, spicy, non-spicy, veg, non-veg, anything you like to anything you couldn’t have imagined; everything is available here. Food in the form of prasadam, in the form of buffets in the five star hotels, of along the road side, it has the essence of origin and belongingness to the place. North, south, east and west, food isn’t the same at all. Its variety makes living here an awesome feeling.

2. Festivals: 365 days in a year for Indians are festivals to celebrate. Festivals where feast is made and served, festivals where fasting is done, where wives pray for the long life of her husbands, to name a few always add colors to life, both literally(Holi) and figuratively.

3. Geographical diversity: India is a peninsula surrounded by water on its three sides. It has the Himalayan ranges, the fertile Ganga planes, the innumerable rivers, the Deccan plateau, the horrid Thar Desert, the snowy hills. The diversity has been a part of this country, so recreation available 24*7 like those perennial rivers.

4. Clothing: People do not have just one fixed clothing here. Every place you visit, you are sure to find the variety in the clothing. Saris, chudidars, lungis, Manipuri dress are to just name a few. The robe culture is so vast, and if you are a true clothes maniac, you’ll want to try wearing something new, you can hit a boutique and find that displays the diversity India has.

5. Joint Families: In the 21st century, there has been dismantling of families here, there are places where you still have joint families, and just living together is a blissful experience. The grandma’s pickle, the grandpa’s jokes, the parents’ love and affection, the cousins’ sharing and caring nature all bring you up as a wholesome person, instilling in you the qualities of a perfect gentleman.

6. Extraordinary history: Being under a number if rulers and then under colonial power, India has dramatic history. The art and architecture is greatly influenced by these factors. The Taj Mahal, the red fort, the gateway of India, Victoria memorial, etc, all these stand strong as testimony for the history of India.

7. Get away: Myriad lakes, rivers, forts, palaces, hill stations, waterfalls, forests, mountains, gardens, these are present in such numbers, that a short get-away or even a long get-away can always be planned. Picnics or trips can be planned and fixed to get the tint of Indian ethnicity. There is no room for boredom here.

8. Dance and Music: Folk, classical, Bollywood dance and music has never failed to amuse the people, because these have the power to teleport people to their past, the past of India. The music is so refreshing and enticing, it has the power to connect to the roots and touch our souls. Dance is in the footstep of every Indian, marking its significance.

9. The air you breathe at every step is never the same: With every step you take, you can witness uniqueness and a true sense of jingoism. Ethnicity is in the air you breathe here.

10. Happiness is hidden in small things: Be it at home, in schools, in trips or picnics, marriages or small functions, you’ll see that people find happiness in small things too. Charity, sacrifices, friendships, penance, meditation are a symbol of happiness in tiny things.

Living in India doesn’t need just these 10 reasons, it’s beyond.
The air you breathe in here fills you with bliss and ecstasy always.

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Is ‘Mom n Kid’ Travelling The Most Trending Thing Now?

Is ‘Mom n Kid’ travelling the most trending thing now?

Mother is the most soulful person and the relationship of a mother and a child is an exemplary example of unconditional love and care. Mother is an epitome of ease, comfort, care and unquestionable love. Deeper understanding, curious heart and the watchful eyes filled with concern are the feelings one gets from a mom. A mom and kid are more than just mom and kid, they are best friends, best cousins and they mean the world to one another.

These days where some portion of the working class is female- moms are working too. And the need to bring the relationship between a mom and the kid to the fore, spending some time together has become necessity.

Now the whole world is in the cut-throat competition and this bond is finding a back seat. The relationship is there but is not being cherished the way it used to be. So there’s a need to change the whole concept of this relationship and the way it is viewed. Mom and kid is just not power and control situation, it’s a bond of celebration and rejoice. Now is the time to bring back life to this divine bond.

Here are a few reasons why “mom n kid” travelling is the most trending thing now:

1. A child accepts mom as his best friend: When the kid is small to make new friends, the friend is its mom. The mother means everything to the kid. The mother is more than happy to cherish the bind. They spend a lot of time together and to make lasting memories, for the mom, with her cute little kid, travel is a means.

2. A school going kid: The child who goes to school is so hooked up with the school schedule and home work that there isn’t enough time to spare with the family. But to nurture the child with good values and morale, quality time with its mom is required. So any holidays are looked forward for getaways to spend great mom n kid time so that lessons of greater importance are taught to the child in addition to having fun.

3. The college kid: For a mom, a kid is a kid even after it goes to the college. And these days to provide best of education to their child, the parents sacrifice a lot of their happiness so as to get their child the world best facilitates. They send the child to hostel to make him grow as a complete person. Amidst all this, the child spends a lot of time with its peers and very less time with its parents. Once in a while when the child goes home, the family especially the mom wants to spend as much time as possible with her child. They often travel to revisit all those glorious days they had together.

4. The working kid: In the hoard of earning money a person so engrossed in the money making process, that he often keeps all the relations at stake, forgets about people and their relations with him. While everyone does ‘tit for tat’, the mother is the only person who waits for her child irrespective of everything and loves her child unconditionally. The child is filled with tears to see its mom on its side. To celebrate that infinite bond of happiness and selflessness will burgeon with a travel. A travel reestablishes the bond and augments it with more love and care.

5. Mother gets older: Friends of the mom get older with her and they slowly lose touch with one another. The only friend mom has is her kid and unto her child she bears all her faith and hope. She holds the hands of her child to walk an extra mile, to laugh a little louder and to smile an inch more. The child realizes this and is ready to do anything for her. A travel to a distant place to fulfill her desire, a travel to the mom’s most favorite place puts a smile on her lips and tears in her eyes giving her the feeling of solace and satisfaction. A smile on her child’s face is all she wants and a travel will unfailingly bring it on both the faces. A mutual feeling of joy and bliss gives delight to both the mom and the kid.

The mom n kid travelling should always happen to celebrate the bond of purity and learn the lesson of selflessness.