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Can You Be the Next Traveller to Sikkim?

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Can You Be the Next Traveller to Sikkim?

Sikkim is a traveller’s joy. Even though the entire Northeast India stretches your imagination to a new height with its captivating natural beauty, Sikkim stands tall and offers its own individual quirky traits to dip your heart in its sublime exquisiteness. This northeast state shares a rare boundary network with Nepal on the east, Tibet on the north and walls of West Bengal in the south. It is a collection of gems twinkling in the Mighty Himalayan Ranges.

Ravangla – Ravangla is a pitch perfect place for someone who is a nature devotee. Run by a thick cover of forests, the place provides multipletrekking and hiking escapades. Sipping a tea or a coffee on a sober morningwhile witnessing the pristine white Himalayas from the crunched wooden benches of Ravangla can refresh you from the core. At the same time, be ready to get enchanted by the migratory and endangered birds flying around the cold gloomy skies of Ravangla.

Rumtek Monastery – Introduce yourself into the world of peace and quietude at Rumtek Monastery. The colourful architectural structure of this oldest monastery of Sikkim manipulates your senses into seeking life-long realisations. The place is a limerick to the divine attributes of Buddhism and its correlation with theoneness of the body makes it the “Dharma Chakra Centre”.  Say hello to your spiritual insights with the place that marks an eternal opulence of Buddhist teachings.

Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical Garden – Its high time that you take a break from man-made superstructures and lay in the warmth of nature at Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical Garden. Located just beside Rumtek Monastery, the garden is a gorgeous place to spend time with your loved ones. On a physical measure, the area is a never-ending expanse of hugging trees, soft cuddling grass, and rarest species of flowers.If you are here, then you will be inhaling some of theworld’s most purest air!

Zuluk – Zuluk stands at an altitude of 10,000 feet and is the least discovered places of the entire north-east. Take a vehicle or be on foot but make sure to cover the lengths and breadths of the 32 hair-pin bends of its road. Historically, Zuluk saw many travellers being the silk route of the middle-ages. Don’t be surprised if you involuntarily leave the present moment and wonder into the history of this vintage place. Just to add to the magnificence of this place, look above and you will find the blue sky hiding behind the mists and look ahead to gawk the Mount Kanchenjunga Ranges.

Gurudongmar Lake – You might never reach to the Lake of Tears where the Kung Fu emerged (Some Kung Fu Panda fanatics) but you can surely feel and worship this sacred lake in Sikkim situated at a height of 17,800 feet. It is surrounded by low altitude perennial snow-capped mountains giving you a gist of what heaven could look like. According to the legends, there is a small portion of this lake which never freezes even in the harsh winters as it was blessed by Guru Padmasambhava and thus, is a holy place.

Tsomgo Lake – Situated just 40 km from the capital city of Gangtok, the setting of Tsomgo Lake will rush your blood to the head. It locks itself in winters only to showcase its panoramic reflection of the surrounding peaks and the open skies. The view seems magical and makes you want to live forever. As you reach the turquoise waters of Tsomgo Lake, make sure to encircle a walk around it. The sunshine across the lake, areflection of your physical attributes and the entire atmosphere will make you feel genuinely happy that you are alive no matter what your life situation is.

Teesta River – The best time to visit Teesta River is during the spring season. It will remind you of the poem “The Brook” (even boys love that poem) which took you on a journey of a little stream of water running through villages, troughs, barrens, farmlands and ultimately to the ocean. Adventurousactivities such as river rafting and kayaking are high priorities here. The adjacent flora and fauna serve as the impeccable supporting role for an overall mesmerisation of your mental as well as physical body.

Sikkim should always be in your bucket list of places. Flabbergasted by its beauty, many travellers speak highly about the place. Whether you are a newbie wanderer or an expert traveller, you will be hit hard by the hallucinating splendour of Sikkim.


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