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Everything To Know About Manipur

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Everything To Know About Manipur

The jewelled land of Manipur stores thousands of jewels for a traveller to see. One, among the seven sister state, Manipur welcomes you into the abode of oval shape valley surrounded by blue hills. Enclosed, Manipur has beautiful neighbours; Nagaland to the north, Mizoram to the south, Assam to the west, Burma to its east. It introduces you to the rich culture and variety of life. Manipur, once a princely state holds a recognition to polo and Manipuri classical dance.

Say hello to jagoi: One thing that makes Manipur stand out is Manipuri classical dance. The harkate and murkiya in the minutely depicting life of Radha and Krishna make you fall in love. This form of dance is slow pace and the costume is ergonomically designed with beautiful mirrors and zari work. Music comprises of traditional instruments which are soul-seizing, emulating emotions out of a hit. The repertoire embodies graceful movements, beautiful dresses, and light rhythmic music adorns the dancer in you. The divine dance of eternal love forays into the refinement and mysticism form of expression.

Festivities are a bliss: Starting from Lai-Haraoba, yaoshang, rathyatra, Cheiraoba ,NingolChakouba and KwakJatra all the festivals celebrated are a product of contributing efforts of the people. Festivals are dedicated to celebrate local deity Moirang, Radha Krishna, Lord Jagganath. Manipur brings out the vibe that traverses you to a different world of creation of Manipur. The fiestas are always comprised of dance and music galloping the highlights of the event. Every event in Manipur is organized with the collection of donations by every individual, symbolizing that everyone is a part of the community.

Wonder at sight: This beautiful state speaks simplicity. You will find here temples to rejoice the love of Radha and Krishna, Manipur has figurines of historic importance. The war memorial will remind you of the ugly fight that took place between British and this princely state. Khonjom, a place where warriors substantiated their combat makes you feel proud in your veins. Museums depict the cultural heritage of different tribes. Manipur has parks, lakes, deities and handcraft which creates an impression to absorb and appreciate.

Flora and wildlife wonders: Almost 67% of the beautiful landscape is covered with forest makes it a destination shack for nature lovers. From pine trees in the undulating range to shrubs on the mainland, this hill range valley gives you the platter of florets. With more than 500 multifariousness of orchids, this place is a blessing. ‘Siroi Lily’, which is the only lily grown here illustrates a face of raw beauty. Manipur is fascinated with animal species. Sangai the dancing deer, is one of the endangered species, finds itself in the folklore of Manipur culture.

Handcrafted art: Bamboo weaving is solitary in its own root. Baskets, dolls, bags, chappals, pots, chairs and lampsare set up here. Pottery culture in Manipur will leave you spellbound to the hard work done by the locals. The whole process takes hours of labour dedicated to bring out the aesthetics from cane. Handloom shares the largest cotton industry in Manipur which carries the mark of women empowerment. Yes, only women are the weavers. The exquisiteness of colour combination is fresh, powerful and yet simple. Colours will lighten up your home decor immediately the way it is portrayed. Undoubted spirit of the locals to make something elegant, soft and emblematic does pour out Manipur values.

Knockouts: You will feel gratified that the game of polo was discovered here. The exciting skill that a polo player and his horse has, makes the audience jump in their seats. One can feel the enthusiasm of air when you see live action of boat racing. For strong gamers, wrestling produces the raunchy act of submission and play. It depicts strength from the motherland and assures you that your body has the best.

The state of Manipur emancipates the traveller in you to reconnoitre the life in the simplest way. Come here with open arms and embrace the tillage of alliance. One can get a glimpse of therichness of this princely state in its small tit-bits of assessment. Go there as a traveller who welcomes the folklore of India.


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