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5 Reasons Why Landour Should be Your Next Place to Visit

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5 Reasons Why Landour Should be Your Next Place to Visit

The best thing about Landour is that there is no particular “to-do” list here that gives you a pleasure to roam the little hamlet in the most old-fashioned ways. Situated at an outskirt location to the over-emphasised and middle-class favourite Mussoorie, Landour still reeks of the old world of when India used to be a British colony. Landour first came into the maps of India when the British-Raj named it after a Welsh town – Llanddowror.

1. Overhauled by Different Cultures – Landour started to get its identity when the British-Raj used this as their colonial home and made it its cantonment. For people who adore the sophistication and class of British ambience, its Victorian Cottages, hot beverages and all the elegance associated with them, then this is a must visit place for them. Americans also have time and again showed their presence, either as learners of Hindi or teachers of Baptism and lavish bakeries. A close vicinity to Tibet has held the place’s indigenous characteristics in its food and linguistic cultures.

2. Soul of Creativity – This place has a history of igniting creative attributes among people. Our favourite childhood author Ruskin Bond has written hundreds of stories based out of Landour. A brilliant mix of his creative abilities with this mystical place helped us infuse blood in our imaginary veins. Apart from him, Tom Alter who soothed us with his acting in Doordarshan shows and theatres and Vishal Bhardwaj who enticed us with his move direction also started their artistic journeys from Landour. If you are in search of something of your own originality than this place will propel your mind, impassion your heart and resolute your senses into disclosing your quirkiness to the world.

3. Walking has never been this much fun – If you love nature walks than find a home in Landour. Roaming this place on foot is the best way to receive its charismatic altruism. Despite being a small town, Landour draws numerous perspective of life. A leisurely walk around the empty roads on a foggy day will wistfully remind you of your sweet childhood memories. The Indo-Gothic Church, ochre coloured Eiffel Tower, British Raj Bungalows, Kellogg’s Church, celebrated Woodstock Schoolare a delight treat on this hill station. A sip of tea at the Char Dukanarea with eyes fixed on valleys will refresh your wits and align your thoughts in a placid way. There is great irony in the fact that this town is considered a sleepy that will fill your spiritual void, if it is there.

4. Existence of opulent ecosystem – The forest area is abundant in Landour. For the major part of it, this British originated cantonment is mated with Himalayan Oak, Blue Pines, old grown deodar cedar, and many other Himalayan species. Bird lovers will call this place a second home as more than 350 species of birds including the migratory ones from Serbia, Tibet and Central Asia flock their wings over the course of a year. Flying Squirrels, Leopards, Langurs often make their presence felt with jackal, barking deer and the secretive sloth beer do their chores in the shades of the forests. One more striking reason to come here is the startling views of Garhwal Himalayas it shows. Nadnadevi, Yamnotri, Gangotri, Bandarpunch are some of the famous peaks which you can peek into from one your cottages.

5. Not a sell-out hill station – You should feel lucky and blessed that this place has been spared from the hellishness of commercialising of a place. Thankfully, a policy made in 1928 to ban the construction of houses owing to the effects of deforestation has still let this place a traveller’s love than a tourist’s lust. From a black and white photograph to a coloured one, it seems as if the place has maintained its purity, its sanctity and its appeal.

If you have ever wandered your mind to have a stay at a low profile hill station, compel to connect with yourself and away from the quasi importance of technology, than this place is the one for you. In Landour, everything is different from the usual. This place if for the slowness and lethargic old world life. Come here alone or with people who welcome the conventional and traditional ways of life.


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