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Pristine White Sands of India

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Pristine White Sands of India
The diversified land that is India, offers a variety of exotic landscapes. Whereas it has the majestic Himalayas on one side, on the other hand it has a rich coastal line of nearly eight thousand kilometers.  Three major waters – Arabian Sea to the west, Bay of Bengal to the east and Indian Ocean to the south, flank the peninsula. There are several alcoves and white sandy beaches along the coasts, some very popular, others relatively untouched. More and more people are now soaking in the solitude of these lesser known beaches, where sand and sea seem to melt away into the peaceful horizon! Many quaint and comfortable accommodations for guests and visitors have sprung up in these beach areas that add to the magic, and avoid loud display of greedy commercialization.
We take you through some of these pristine white beaches of India.
East Coast
Talasari Beach (Odisha)

Located in the Balasore district of Orissa, it is one of the most pristine beaches on the eastern coastline. Its name means‘rhythm’ and ‘row of palm trees’and epitomizes the feeling that you get when you visit here! The sea is not turbulent and the low tides can help you to wade into the watersup to almost two kilometers into the sea! The sand dunes on the beach wouldbeckon you toindulge in sand art like children! The flowering cashew trees in the vicinity are unique and add to the charm. Do not miss the beautiful sunrise and sunset on the shores.The beach is well known in local circles for the receding waters, but is not commercialized, making it a perfecthideaway from the crowds of city.

Chandipur Beach (Odisha)

This beach is a part of Baleswar district of Odisha. A mesmerizing feature set to enthrall you – when the tide goes away, it seems to take the sea waters with it up to a distance of 4 km from the shoreline of the high tide! The disappearing sea comes back in full glory with the next tide! The habitat of unique aquatic species makes it a haven for nature and bio-diversity lovers. The rare horseshoe crab is found here. Peace and tranquility are the flavors of the beach.

Astaranga Beach (Odisha)

Famed for the glorious and varied hues of the magical sunsets, the Astaranga Beach is the perfect destination to unwind and is situated at about 91 km. from Puri. The breathtaking scene is like an inspiration for a poet’s soft verse or an artist’s canvas. The beach is immersed in the colors of the setting sun, the clear waters reflecting the shades of the sky above in a synchronized symmetry along the horizon!

Paradise Beach (Pondicherry)

The experience of reaching here is as enthralling as the final destination. The unbeatable experience of reaching the remote beach requires you to wind you way via the Chunnambar backwaters!  The enticing ride deep into thick foliage and then into the calming sea is well covered via special boats and even moving boathouses! The sight of the sandy shoreline ‘appearing’ from the waters as you approach closer fills your hearts with childlike excitement!The blue waters and soft white sands complete the extremely serene picture!

Yarada  (Andhra Pradesh)

Located near Vishakhapatnam, Yarada is blessed with natural protection and sublime beauty. It is a secluded beach surrounded by hills on three sides and Bay of Bengal on the fourth. Makes you feel secure with a sought-after disconnect from the world! You can lie down for hours on the sand or even make sand castles on this virgin beach. Relax under the lining of swaying palm trees if you want to escape from sun-tan.Watching the orange hues of the sunset as they seem to light up the waters is truly enticing!

Western Shores
Nagoa Beach (Diu)
Located in the Union Territory of Daman and Diu, the beach is shaped like a horseshoe.You can sunbathe on the white sands covering the shore or wade into the shallow waters in playful ecstasy. On offer also are marine activities and various water sports like parasailing, water skiing, jet skiing and windsurfing.Admire the beauty of the crystal clear waters in the special sails of sunset and sunrise cruises!Make sure to photograph yourself with the unique ‘Hoka’ palm. Brought by the Portuguese to India, Diu is the only place to have an abundant growth of this species of palm trees.

If you have time in your hand, do visit the famous and enchanting Diu Fort overlooking the Arabian Sea.

Guhagar Beach (Maharashtra)

Submerge in the tranquility of the clear blue water and pristine sands on the beach.Located in Ratnagiri district, lined with shady Suru trees, it extends for almost six kilometers. On your journey back home, remember to take away the betel nuts and the famous Alphonso mangoes!

Tarkarli Beach (Maharashtra)

This relatively undiscovered alcove of sun, sand and aquamarine water is a paradise on earth. On a clear sky, you can see the aquatic life below the waters up to the depth of almost twenty feet! Located at the confluence of Karli River and Arabian Sea, you can spot the sailboats lining up with their proud sails flapping merrily in the winds. The fresh wet sands on the shore and the cool ocean breeze will relieve you of all stress as time stands still!

Gokarna Beach (Karnataka)

A dot on the map, Gokarnais a small town packed with a punch! It has a most secluded and beautiful shoreline. There are so many beaches here -Kudle beach, Gokarna beach, Paradise beach, Om beach and the half-moon beach.People often take leisurely strolls along the coast from one beach to another! The drive up to the beachesbuilds up the excitement with its scenic beauty along an enjoyable winding path leading to the beach, with the rocky mountains of the Western Ghats and the waters of the Arabian Sea on either side. The Om beach seems to be a natural mystic wonder, as it is shaped just like the Hindu ‘Om’ sign!

St Mary’s Island (Karnataka)

Given its name by Vasco De Gama, this is a set of four small and eye-appealing islands in Arabian Sea. They can be reached via a six kilometer boat ride that starts from Udupi. The ride into the shimmering waters is an exhilarating experience.The islands are marked with distinct fascinating basalt rock formations on the shoreline that become prominent as soon as you approach them.The sight of waves slashing the vertical columns of rock is very pleasing. For the budding conchologist, this beach is a treasure trove of rare shells!These islands are also called Coconut Islands as they have a rich cover of the coconut trees fringing the shores.

Varca Beach (Goa)

It is one of the longest beaches in South Goa with beautiful sands spreading over almost six miles. It was originally next to a fishing village, as is evident from the fishing boats and rustic thatched houses of fishermen as you approach the beach. The calmness of the surroundings will rejuvenate your tired souls! Take a boat safari for spotting the deft dolphins in the waters. Take a stroll or jog along the waters up to the adjacent Fatrade beach, considered to be one of the most secluded areas in Goa. The soft sand of this beach will make you bask under the sun for hours!

ButterFly Beach (Goa)

Reached through an enchanting boat ride or a pleasant trek in the woody forests, the beauty of this beach is that it is enveloped in dense foliage that gives way to a sandy clearing near the sea! Get entranced by the beautiful butterflies hovering over as you relax in the white sands.Watching the sunset amidst the hills over here is a marvelous experience! This is a unique combination surely!

Muzhappilangad Beach (Kerala)
‘God’s own country’ cradles this secluded and uncrowded retreat. This can easily boast of being the only drive-in beach of India! In fact people have also taken their cars into the waters for a regal bath!

The beach and waters are very clean. Black rocks shield the beach naturally from lashing turbulent waters of the deeper sea; hence the coastal waters are quite shallow and suitable to swimming. You can do water sports here!

Alappuzha Beach

Known as Venice of the East, this beach has a 140 year old deck. There is a park nearby. A lighthouse here adds to charms as you can hear stories from the locals of sailors who got warned by the light in the tower. Here is also the conglomeration of lagoons, lakes and rivers empting into the Arabian Sea. Visit the coir industries that the area is famed for. Rich in biodiversity, there are many birds and animals to accompany you whilst you visit here. You can stay in a houseboat for the ultimate experience!

Beyond the mainland 
Lakshadweep Islands

These form a tropical archipelago of thirty six islands and coral reefs in the Laccadive Sea, off the coast of Kerala.  The major attraction of this place arethe enthrallingcoral reefs, home to spectacular species of aquatic life which you can see at close quarters. Some famous beaches are of Bangaram and Aggati islands. You can indulge in scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking and fishing at these islands. And every nook and corner is a true paradise, waiting to be explored without inhibition!

Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Often known as emeralds of the Bay of Bengal, the islands are treasures of picturesque beauty. Offering a plethora of pristine beaches, lagoons and tiny islands, they are a boon for travelers who want peace and unhurried vacations. Enjoy a walk in the shallow beaches and soak yourself in the turquoise crystal waters. Adventure sports like snorkeling and sea-walking engross one and all.

Some of the famous beaches are Laxmanpur Beach on Neil islands, Radhanagar beach on Havelock Island, Long Islands, Ross and Smith Islands.The island paradise now can also be explored from the sky in the first of its kind seaplane service!

What are common in the souls of these beaches are the naturalbeauty, clear waters, peaceful surroundings and sandy expanses that tug at the very hearts of their visitors. You may find that the detached locales may even make you lose your mobile network connectivity for a perfect switch-off! Truly a deeply enrichening experience, explore each of them an unhurried pace and rejuvenate yourself the age-old way, at peace with yourself and feeling one with nature!

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