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Gujarat: A Gastronomical Paradise

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Gujarat: A Gastronomical Paradise
One of the best parts of the state that is known for its exquisite traditional richness and riveting depth is its food. Yes, we are talking about Gujarat, the state that has some amazing food to its credit. Gujarat is one place that has high aesthetic appeal, vibrant tradition and a rich cultural background. It has preserved its heritage and legacy with ardour whilst taking giant strides towards development and progress. Gujarat has literally seen and done it all. It is the undisputable land of legends. We highly recommend visiting Gujarat to submerge in a culture that is so vivid and diverse that it completely takes you by surprise (of course in a good way).
There are a lot of attractions, historical sites and places to visit but out of it all, Gujarat has some a brilliant repertoire of food to boost about. Food is a very prominent part of any travel experience. It is the opportunity to experiment with different local cuisines and get a feel of experiencing something completely different. And let us tell you, Gujarati food has a very subtle and distinct feel to it.
To begin with, Gujarat has a dominant vegetarian culinary culture per se. But, do not get disheartened so soon! It has some fantastic gastronomical delicacies to lure you and lip smacking delights to overtake all your senses. There is a good eclectic combination of dishes in a traditional thali in both the preparations and taste. Gujarati’s have their own exotic spices that add a distinct flavour to their food. A holistic Gujarati food experience will include farsan, dal, shaak, roti and sweets. There are innumerable dishes but we have comprised a list of the absolute must-have dishes while in Gujarat. Have a look:
1.Basundi: One of the most popular desserts of Gujarat, Basundi is a must have by all means. It is something on the lines of the north Indian Rabadi, which is famous across the nation. It is a delicacy made from milk that is thickened thoroughly. The creamy texture along with a host of dry fruits like almonds and pistachios make it tempting.

2.Puran poli: This is another classic sweet dish popular all over the country and in Gujarat. In fact, there are many versions of puran poli. However, the preparation of this dish is anything but easy. It’s very hard for a cooking novice to pull this off; no wonder the final output is completely worth it. Gujarati puran poli’s chief ingredient is toovar dal. There is an array of spices in addition that are used in the dish. Make sure you find the right place to have an exclusive experience.

3.Aam Shrikhand: The perfect use of mangoes in the summer season can be found in this jaw dropping dessert, one which will satisfy every sweet tooth out there. Aam shrikhand is a treat for all mango lovers alike. It is a yogurt based dessert that is popular all across Gujarat.

Farsan (Snacks): These have garnered much acclaim to Gujarat and are now popular everywhere. Some names are hilarious and strange but the taste leaves a lasting impression without one shadow of a doubt.

4.Muthia: This is a purely vegetarian form of sausage. The main ingredient is chick pea flour along with traditional Gujarati favourite fenugreek seeds and whole wheat flour as well. These are usually fried in nature. Team it up with ketchup and voila!

5.Dhokla: By far the most popular Gujarati delight that has become world famous is Dhokla. These are small tasty delights which pack a punch. It can be made with gram flour or also with fermented dal mixed with rice. The mustard seeds add a distinct flavour to this dish. Many forms of dhoklas are available in the market today.

6.Fafda: The street food king of Gujarat, Fafda is basically long strips of gram flour mixed with spices. They are usually accompanied with papaya chutney, kadhi and fried green chillies. Before you take the plunge, just remember that it might spoil you for life.

7.Ganthia: These are flavoured deep fried besan strips. Ganthia is a popular evening time snack or munchy which makes sure that you would never have to suffer hungry evenings once you enter Gujarat.

8.Khandvi: This is one of the most popular evening snacks that have pure Guajarati origins. The bite sized delights simply melt in your mouth. The main ingredient is besan (gram flour) and yogurt. The garnishing is done with fresh coconut and coriander leaves that give it a distinct flavour.

Shaak and Dal:
9.Undhiyun: This is a very popular mixed vegetable dish. The main components are root vegetables, eggplant, raw banana and muthiya. These are cooked with some exotic spices in underground earthen pots. For occasions like makarsakranti that is a huge feat in Gujarat, Undhiyun is a must have with fried breads and jalebis.

10. Sev Tameta nu Shak: This is one of the easiest to make and tastiest Gujarati vegetables around. You must absolutely devour on it during your trip. The medley of sev and tomato is a delight to the senses. Have it with thepla for a never-before food experience.

Breads: Gujarati breads are by far the most popular ones in the nation, having occupied an unparalleld status in the food world.

11. Thepla: This is our all time favourite! These methi (fenugreek) parathas combined with sesame seeds, garlic and exotic spices make for a sumptuous meal. This is a must buy and you surely must carry some packets with you on your journey back.

12. Bhakhri: This is one of the most popular form of breads that you would find in all restaurants and food joints of Gujarat. It makes for a good combination with any shaak or dal. It is somewhat similar to a biscuit but less coarse in nature. It has distinct flavours of cumin seeds and is served with oodles of ghee. The best part about bhakhri is that it works well during dinner, lunch or breakfast.

So what are you waiting for..? If you are a foodie by heart, Travel Gujarat!

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