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The Seven Sisters of North East


The Seven Sisters of North East
Tucked away up in the folds of mountainous regions of the North East, are the jewels of India – popularly called the 7 sisters of the North East. These 7 states are unique and different from the rest of the country, owing to their terrain, topography and culture that is an amalgamation of Bengali, Chinese, Bhutanese , Astro and Burmese influences. These are picturesque and colorful seats that are a must on the itinerary of every traveler.
Here is a quick glance at the charming states, each with its own flavor:
Meghalaya separates the state of Assam from Bangladesh with its horse-shoe hills. Meghalaya literally means abode of clouds. It’s a region of mountainous terrain and pine-scented forests. It has a timeless beauty such that you can easily imagine yourself to be lost in the past here. The forests and hills are preserved as it is. This state’s population comprises mainly of tribal people. The state boasts of many majestic waterfalls, especially during the months between June to September as it is monsoon season here. The rains create a lot of waterfalls.
This is the state which has Cherrapunji and Mawsynram, which are the wettest places in the world statistically.There are gorgeous waterfalls all over the state, the Langshiang Falls being the most popular!
The people living in Khasi village are truly ingenious. It is incredible how they have managed to train living rubber fig tree roots across streams to form natural pathways and bridges around Cherrapunji. There is an amazing double-decker root bridge too among them near Nongriat. These root bridges are not built, but rather grown and hence are unique globally. Taking about 15 years to mature, these bridges are overgrown roots and can hold up to 50 people!

It is paradise for trekking, bird-watching and observing the rare flora and fauna found in these hills. There are some rare species not found anywhere else in the world, like 3000 species of orchids, pitcher plant etc. It is literally a treat for those interested in biology!

Tripura can be reached by road from Assam or Bangladesh. Its capital is the beautiful city of Agartala. The state is known for its ancient palaces and scriptures. People live their life at an easy, slow pace like in the olden, rather golden, days! The people are also very friendly here. There is something very calm, peaceful and de-stressing about the way of life here in direct contrast to the hustle-bustle of busy cities.
Known for its culture and heritage that includes music, dance, fine arts and handicrafts, Tripura has a number of tribals who have kept the traditions alive and untouched over the centuries! Will you not love to experience them?
The Jagannath temple in Ujjayanta Compound is worth seeing for its bright, eye-catching colors, which remindsone of ice cream sundaes!

The Neermahal Palace is an incredible palace in the Rudrasagar Lake in the state. A backdrop if their picturesque edifice with migratory birds in the lake is a breathtaking sight in winters!

Arunachal Pradesh shows up as our country’s wildest and least explored state. Arunachal literally means the ‘Land of Dawn-lit Mountains’. It is also called as the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’.
There are more than 25 indigenous tribes in this state. Most of the state is still not accessible to visitors. The newer areas which have some great river gorges and spell-binding mountain-scape are slowly and steadily being opened to tourists and visitors.
Central Arunachal offers some great trekking trails. It also has river rafting along the Siang river. You may also encounter enchanting tribals during your sight-seeing and trekking trips. They are friendly but shy people. There are some remote settlements as well that you can trek to like Mechuka. A trip to Ziro valley will definitely prove to be the highlight of the tour. Ziro valley is one of the most beautiful and fertile areas in the whole country. It is blindingly beautiful with its paddy fields, picturesque villages and rivers.
The Aptani tribes of this valley have tattoos and nose plugs mush to the chagrin of a seasoned tattoo lover anywhere. There are about 5 villages in all within easy distance of about 10 km, but you must take a guide there if you want to have an authentic tribal living experience, as these folks do not welcome complete strangers.
Arunachal Pradesh has one of the largest national parks:  Namdapha National Park covering an amazing 1985 sq. km. area. It has some unique flora and fauna that is not found anywhere else in the world, such as the giant red flying squirrel.

The Tawang Monastery is the largest monastery in India, very close to the Tibetan border. It is unique in style, built three stories high, built in the 17th century. Truly a must visit!

Assam is the gateway to the north-east. It has a very rich blend of tropical rainforests, and wetlands. Home to Kazirangaand Manas National Parks, Assam’s forests hold in their deepest pockets, prized wildlife species such as the Indian rhinoceros, Asian elephant, the Royal Bengal Tiger, and many others.  A charming river cruise from Guwahati to Kaziranga is the best way to get close up to the forests and its secrets. The state has famous tea gardens, pleasing and astonishing! Not many know that Assam also has the world’s largest riverine island – Majuli, home to exotic birds like herons, storks, little grebe, large cormorant, spotted billed pelican … the list is endless!

Mizoram is a land of rolling hills with enchanting gorges, valleys, shimmering blue lakes, natural salt lakes and free flowing rivers. Mizo means ‘highlander’. The highest peak is the Blue Mountain in the state and the Palak Lake is the largest lake here, a great tourist spot, since it has various crabs, fish and ducks to look out for. A relaxing and rejuvenating boat ride on the river Tamdil is the perfect way to soak in the rich flora and fauna in a leisurely natural setting.

Amidst tall bamboo forest, lies the Vantawang Falls – scenic and daunting! Get a close look at some endangered wild species such as the Leaf Monkey at Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary in Mizoram!

Nagaland is a land of mystic enchantments. Mostly inhabited by the Naga tribes, out of which 15 are recognized, there are also few other people from Assam, Bengal and neighboring regions. Kohima, the capital of the state is breathtaking with majestic views all over. The sunrise from the Saramati peak, the view of the Dzukou valley from Tempu peak are both breathtaking beyond words. The tranquil environs are hot favorites amongst meditation lovers and trekkers alike.
The Dzukou Valley means “Cold Water” taking its cue from the river flowing right through it. Beautiful flowers like the Dzukou lily cover the valley in bright hues during the flowering season!

The Naga music is very mesmerizing as is the famous Naga dace. Their traditional costume is very colorful and consists of warm shawl like drapes!

Manipur boasts of rich valleys with lovely hills all around. The capital Imphal has an airport for welcoming tourists. This state was once a princely state, called the land of gems and gold! There is a floating national par called the Keibul Lamjao National Park in this state, with its own set of rare and endangered wildlife!
The Loktak Lake is the largest freshwater lake of India. It is also the only floating lake in the entire world, thanks to its floating masses of vegetation and decomposing organic matter!

There are four major basins in the state, which is also the birthplace of polo game!

The 7 sisters are unique and diverse, yet bound together by traditions and beliefs that run through common and overlapping veins of the populations. Though remote, they are a very integral part of India. They are relatively untouched, unexplored and not adulterated by the modern urbanization. A first-hand experience in these mesmerizing natural beauties will give the actual feel of India’s diversity, its rich natural heritage and warm local hospitality. Here is where tribals have lived harmoniously with nature, with mountains and forest, man existing peacefully with the creatures of nature for centuries, respecting each other –just as the Creator desired!
Do not miss it for the world!

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