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Khushboo Gujarat Ki

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Khushboo Gujarat Ki
“More is less”, the adage holds true when it comes to Gujarat. It is one of the richest lands in India and has more than what eyes can register and the mind can retain and taste buds can savour. Quite literally! A trip to Gujarat adds so many colours, vibrancy and memories that you will have to re-visit it soon enough! A trip to Gujarat is incomplete without mentioning its wide variety of food. Therefore, make sure to eat only local cuisines during your visit and nothing else. You would be spoilt for choice and the rich taste of the delicacies would keep lingering till long after.
Without divulging into eulogising the state, we bring you a cumulative list consisting of some of the absolutely mandatory experiences that you must indulge in:

1.Ahmedabad: This is the commercial capital of Gujarat and in all probability you cannot evade this one. It is noted for its culture, exuberance and the whole hearted people. It is not just commercial and business oriented but has a great deal of history to speak about as well. Visit the Bhadra Fort to get a glimpse of the past. Jhoolta Minarets and the Teen Darwaza are also not to be missed. The place is not without its share of natural beauty. You should definitely go to the Kankaria and Vastrapur Lake. Sabarmati Ashram would take you into Gandhi ji’s paradise and close enough is another architectural marvel namely the Akshardham Temple in Gandhinagar. In addition, the world famous kite festival lives up to expectations and most importantly, do not forget to devour on the exotic sweets the place has to offer.

2.Jamnagar: Jamnagar houses the famous Adinath Jain temple. Besides, the place houses a number of lakes and forts. It is culturally and historically very rich and abundant. Do visit the Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary to marvel at the abundance of nature. Lakhota Talav is another scenic beauty which is a boon for all those who’re in search of a soothing and peaceful hideout.

3.Dwarka: Dwarka is the land of temples. There are just too many temples. The famous Dwarkadhish temple is perhaps on the top of the list of every tourist. It is supposed to be 2000-2200 years old and has nearly 72 pillars. It stands tall in its opulence attracting people since ages. Word cannot do justice to the grandeur of the temple and the vibe that it exudes. Apart from this, makes sure to visit the Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple, Bhadkeshwar Mahadev Mandir and Sri Swami Narayan Mandir. The Dunny Point stands in contrast to the numerous temples and is a unique place to embrace the sun and swim. It is beautiful and close to the coral islands which further adds to the charm.

4.Somnath: Heard of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva? Somnath happens to be the first of these. This explains the religious craze for visiting Somnath. It is one of the most highly visited temples in India. The Triveni Ghat situated close to the Somnath Temple is another location you must pass by. It marks the confluence of Saraswati, Hiranya and Kapila rivers.

5.Rajkot: To begin with, this place has preserved the house where Mahatma Gandhi lived from the age of six. This piece of information got us really excited! Aren’t you excited too? You could also visit the Alfred high School which is the alma mater of Mahatma Gandhi. Another location worth a visit is the Rotary Midtown Dolls Museum. It is thronged by visitors curious to see the variety of dolls at display. The Watson museum is another preserver of antiques. The Gebanshah Pir Dargah is located near the Rajkot Railway Junction and is a popular Muslim religious place.

6.Sasan Gir National Park: We are sure that this would have been on your list prior to our mentioning it. The home of Asiatic lions has been pretty popular among tourists. The jeep safari experience at Gir makes wildlife and bird watching enjoyable. If lucky, you can actually spot the Asiatic lions at the Gir Interpretation Zone.

7.Rann of Kutch: Your Gujarat trip would be incomplete without seeing Kutch. Nothing matches visiting the Rann Mahotsava. This symphony of salt and sand needs to be appreciated to the maximum. The full moon night view is a treat for sore eyes. The Camel Safari should be on the top of your priority list.

8.Gondal: Gondal marks the co-existence of tradition and modernity. It has a rich historical past to speak about and embodies the modern spirit of Sri Bhagwat Singh ji, its visionary ruler. The town is full of palaces like the Riverside Palace, Orchard Palace and the Navlakha Palace. By now you would have guessed it. Yes! The major attractions here are the magnificent palaces and forts. You could also visit the Bhuwaneshwari Ayurvedic Pharmacy to witness the making of traditional herbal medicines from ancient methodologies.

9.Baroda: This is the place of the Lakshmi Vilas Palace (the official residence of Maharaja of Baroda) which is one of the largest and finest in India. It is said to be four times the size of Buckingham Palace. Hard to imagine, isn’t it? In addition to this architectural and historical marvel, do take out time to visit the Maharaja Fatehsingh Museum and Sursagar Lake. The Hathni Mata Waterfalls constitute a tourist spot which should definitely be on your itinerary. Do try your luck at dirt biking as well if you’re an adrenaline rush seeker.

 10.Saputara: This is an exclusive hill station in the state of Gujarat. It lies on the borders of Gujarat and Maharashtra. The lush green surroundings and the beautiful waterfalls make Saputara accessible to people all year round. Do indulge in the boating and ropeway activities during your stay in Saputara. Some of the places that might sound interesting include the Saputara Lake, Rose Garden, Gira Falls and the very romantic Sunset Point.


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  1. been to 6 out of 10 places listed. proud 😀 🙂

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