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Getting High at Kutch – Khushboo Gujarat Ki


Getting High at Kutch – Khushboo Gujarat Ki
The surreal Rann of Kutch has been an object of enigma for many people residing in and outside India. Have you heard the living legend Amitabh Bachchan speaking highly of the white sands lighting up radiantly, extolling the stark and austere beauty of Kutch?  Well that’s because he is the brand ambassador of Gujarat tourism. This gives an inkling of the grandeur awaiting your arrival! The people of Kutch and the vivid colours of their handicrafts, sweet melodies of their folk music, their indomitable zest for life, the vibrancy, the richness of art…the khusbhoo of Gujarat summons you.
Gujarat is one of the most important components of an incredible India. The lions of Gir, Somnath Temple, the cultural heritage, the rasleela of Krishna in Dwarka, and Mahatma Gandhi’s Sabarmati Ashram are all alluring and tempting enough to make up your mind to immerse in the Khushboo of Gujarat.
So where to begin from? Should you start from the sangam darshan or plunge into the religious and mythological fragrance or explore the wild? Well, there is just too much to feast on. We’re here to make this hard decision easier by giving this comprehensive list to help you identify some of the most popular destinations of Gujarat.
Mandavi: This port city is famous for its beaches and the centuries old ship building yard. In fact, the remnants of the inner city forts can still be found. This together accounts for the cultural and historical heritage of this small city in Kutch. The Vijay Vilas Palace is a picturesque site that is a must visit while exploring Mandavi. The palace has seen its share of celluloid glory by being featured in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, a Bollywood blockbuster. The opulent architecture of the palace is indeed a treat to the eyes. Furthermore, the ship building yard is a must visit location for all the adventure freaks out there. How about climbing one of the under construction ships?
Away from the humdrum of life, drowning in the peace and serenity of the beaches of Mandavi is definitely food for the soul. Also, don’t miss out on the vibrant and colourful Mandavi Bazaar. The Osho restaurant and its delicious and tempting delicacies along with the colourful handicrafts of the Kutch region make for some excellent memories.

Dhamadka: Heard of the Ajrakh block printing technique? Well, this is the arguably the hub of that technique and you can even witness artisans carving out the designs. Ergo, this is tailor made for all the creative thinkers and artists alike.

Bhuj: Bhuj has an illustrious and vibrant history which also envelops by the highly unfortunate earthquake that will send shivers down your spine till date. Therefore, it is a rather emotional experience to explore the Bhuj area, a lot of which is in ruins. However, some of the popular locations in the district include the Kutch museum, Shree Swaminayan Temple, Aina Mahal, Bhujiyo Hill, Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary, Clock Tower, Pragmahal Palace among other innumerable other temples and sanctuaries. There’s a lot more to Bhuj than what meets the eye!

Kala Dungar: The highest point in Kutch is the Kala Dungar. When there are no shrouds of clouds above, you are sure to witness one of the most mesmerizing views during sunset. Also, seeing the jackals being served by the local priests is sure to leave you fascinated. This trip to Kala Dungar can be combined with the India Bridge that borders Pakistan to have a unique experience.

Great Rann of Kutch: This salt marsh is one of the most celebrated places in Gujarat. The beauty of the Great Rann of Kutch is a point of constant deliberation. How about visiting during the Rann Utsav festival? The festival is celebrated with much fun and frolic every year between the periods of December to January, making it an ideal time to visit the place. Watch the white desert and the limitless horizon come alive under the captivating moonlight.

Little Rann of Kutch: It might sound little, but you cannot afford to miss this one! The place is replete with wildlife abundance, playing host to the Wild Ass Sanctuary which is the home to a number of birds that migrate here from far off places. This is a great place to experience the vastness and the serenity of nature in its rawness. Also, you can also get a chance to witness salt pans while riding across the town and see how salt is made! Excited already?

Kutch has so much more to it like Koteshwar, Narayan Sarowar, and Fossil Park which are must visit places that have something unique to offer. You must ensure that you make your experience as localised as possible to soak in the true colours of the area. Staying in eco resorts and home stays is a wonderful idea for beginners.
Also, a visit to the handicraft villages is a must-do. The intricate embroidery, the beautiful mirror work, the colourful and unique quilts and leather work, and pottery workshops are bound to leave you enchanted and give you memories that will stay with you forever. The cuisine of Kutch is another thing that you must absolutely indulge in. The distinct flavours with an exquisite sweetness and tanginess will melt in your mouth. Osho in Mandvi has carved a unique name for itself for serving all these sumptuous delights. The local people are high on food and that speaks volumes about the indispensability of this exquisite north Indian fervour. Some of the lip smacking delicacies include curries, dal and jalebis.
Plan for a longer trip and make sure you enjoy each and every moment to the fullest. It will definitely be one of the most wholesome experiences of your life.

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  1. the tourism infrastructure in the region is pathetic. advertisement scores over reality

  2. Beautiful post.. tempted to visit this amazing place..

  3. what a wonderful writeup.. i visited saurashtra recently and it was a wonderful trip.. even though we were on other side, ppl kept talking about kutch and rann utsav. hope to visit it soon.

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