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The Enchanting Culture and Places to Visit in Coorg


The Enchanting Culture and Places to Visit in Coorg
Coorg also called as Kodagu is a district in Karnataka, spread over the Western Ghats. This hill station has many tourist destinations that vary from visiting local markets, temples, sightseeing, taking elephant safaris, and more. Coorg experiences intense rainfalls during the months of June and July. You can visit this place and enjoy its scenic beauty anytime in the year except for rainy seasons. Coorg also has a rich culture and history. Queen Victoria of England was the godmother of the Coorg’s Princess. People of Coorg belong to race of Warriors or the Kshtriyas.  The customs and culture of people of Coorg is not similar to any South Indian culture. They worship Mother Nature, though they are partly Hindus, many of their customs and norms are not closely related to Hinduism.
Landscapes and waterfalls
Coorg is a haven for people who love nature. It gives a picturesque view of green pastures nestled with serene waterfalls. For all adventure seekers, the Abbey falls, Mallalli falls, Iruppu falls, nisargadhama forest, and pushpagiri hills, spread across different locations in and around Coorg is a real treat. Nature shutterbugs can visit these scenic tourists’ locations and get the most of each day. Most of these places do not have an entry fee and you can spend all day here. You can talk walking trails in the Abbey falls area that has Kaveri river descending from the emerald pastures. You can explore the coffee bushes and vines, and all the flora and fauna in this place. The Mallalli falls is also a popular destination for trekkers. Enjoy the pristine beauty of Pushpagiri hills on foot. You can take hiking tours to nearby sports in Brahmagiri Hill and Virajpet. The Iruppu falls have an interesting history. It is said that, Lord Lakshman, brother of Lord Rama, shot an arrow in this spot and that gave birth to the Lakshmana tirtha, which is a tributary of Kauveri River. If you want a tranquil and a scenic place for trekking, visit Tadiyendamol, which is close to Coorg.
Wild life

You can visit the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, Dubare Elephant Camp, and Nagarhole National Park to get a taste of wild life. The Nagarhole National Park, also known as Rajiv Gandhi National Park is a true treat to see wildlife in the free run. This reserve has wildlife such as, leopards, wild elephants, tigers, deer, Indian bison, horned antelope, barking deer, wild boar, mouse deer, hyena, mongoose, otter, and 250 bird species. The best time to visit this place is between the month of May and September. Monsoons make trekking difficult as this place will be infested with leeches. You can take an accommodation in the government guest houses that are close to this reserve.

The Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary is a home for many rare plants and animals like the giant squirrel and palm civet. You will also get to see many rare species of birds in this sanctuary that is surrounded by emerald forests.

At the Dubare elephant camp, you can watch the natural habitat of these wild elephants. Additionally, under guidance, you can also groom and feed these elephants. You can get a glimpse of their life and also the scenic beauty of Kauveri River that runs in this place when you visit this camp. You can also take up the river rafting activity in the crystal waters of Kauveri when you visit this camp.

Temples and Sightseeing

The omkareshwar Temple, the most revered temple Sri Sringeri Shankar math, and Bagamandala temple are often visited even by tourists who visit Coorg. The Bagamandala temple is dedicated to Lord Subramanyam, Ganapathi, and Vishnu. The Omkareshwara temple also has a fascinating history. It is said that when a Coorg King killed a Brahmin, he had to go to Kashi and get a Shivling and install it in this temple to appease the spirit of the Brahmin whom he had killed.  Close to the famous Lakshmana Tirtha is the Rameshwara temple which has shrine of Lord Shiva and Lord Rama.

History and Culture

There are a few forts and places of historic value that you can visit in and around Coorg. Gaddige, which is the tomb of the Kings of Coorg, Virarajendra and Lingarajendra are often visited by tourists as well as locals. You can watch the sunset and the mountain ranges at this place. Bylakuppe is a golden temple dedicated to Padmasambhava, and follows the culture and rituals of Vajrayana Buddhism. This is a beautiful 40 feet Golden temple and has monasteries and stupas in its surroundings. The Madikeri Fort also has an interesting history related to the Tipu Sultan. This fort was rebuilt by Tipu Sultan and has a vintage clock tower, a temple, an Anglican Church, and a museum. This fort gives a panoramic view of entire Coorg.

Coorg is a must visit for all nature lovers and photography fanatics. You will see the best of wild life, nature, and godliness come together in one place. A district that is known for its hospitality, unique culture, and scenic beauty is a must visit for anyone who enjoys tranquility and serenity.

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