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Best Beach Vacations in India

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Best Beach Vacations in India
Beaches are one of the best locations to soothe your senses. There is tranquillity and beauty, chaos and mayhem, peace and destruction. Playing with sand, feeling the cool breeze play in your hair has the potential to make you feel alive. This is perhaps the reason that beaches make for some of the best holiday destinations across the universe.
They combine elements of romance, fun and adventure, all in one vacation. You simply need to choose the right ones. India is home to some of the most beautiful beaches across the face of the earth. We are bringing to you a list of few places in India that are home to some exquisite beaches. Have a look:-
1. Goa: The place that is literally synonymous with beaches is nothing but Goa. This place is perhaps one of the most happening places in India attracting millions and millions of tourists every year. Without much ado, we list a few most happening beaches that you must absolutely visit:

•Baga Beach: The King of all beaches is Baga. This place needs no introduction and is on the bucket list of almost every travel enthusiast. The scenic beauty, the water sports and the happening parties await your presence. Pack your bags NOW!

•Varca Beach: One of the lesser known beaches in Goa, this beach is sure to mesmerize you by its cleanliness and peace. You must absolutely enjoy and savour the local Goan food that is easily available in the shacks. This is another side of Goa far from the maddening crowd that every traveller must explore.

•Candolim Beach: This is one of the first beaches that you will pass by once in Goa. Parasailing and water skiing are some of the most popular adventure activities on the beach.

2. Andaman and Nicobar Islands: One of the most beautiful destinations in India, this place boasts of great coastlines and pristine islands and clear waters. There are so many beaches to choose from that making a choice of a few almost becomes impossible. However, to ease things for you, we have come up with a few that are absolutely inescapable:

•Amkunj Beach: This is by far the most frequently visited beaches in the Andamans. You could spend some beautiful family moments on this beach.

•Merk Bay Beach: This beach is not only mesmerising because of the presence of white sand but also soothing because of the serene blue water. The journey to the place is nothing short of an adventure in itself.

•Radhanagar beach, Havelock Island: This beach has been the receptor of some of the most coveted titles and truly. A look at the beach and you are sure to be awestruck by its beauty. You would not want to leave the place. There is nothing like it!

3. Puri: The beaches of Puri are sure to leave you star struck. Beaches here are a great source of relaxation and enjoyment. You have to visit this place for its distinct charm. Some of the best beaches that adorn this city are:

•Puri Beach: This beach is located on the shore of Bay of Bengal and is also home to the popular Puri Beach Festival. You would have guessed it by now that this is a pretty happening place to be. We highly recommend visiting it once in a lifetime.

•Golden Beach: This beach is filled with golden sand that makes for a dream vacation. It is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

•Swargadwar Beach: True to its literal meaning (door to heaven), this beach is located very close to the famous Jagannath Temple. It is isolated and hence maintains its spiritual feel. The beach is frequented with a number of Hindu pilgrims. Do visit it for a unique experience.

4. Pondicherry: For an unmatchable seaside sojourn, head to Pondicherry. This place has an exquisite landscape and exotic culture. We bring you a comprehensive list of some of the unmatchable experiences that await your arrival:

•Mahe Beach: The beautiful coast of Pondicherry hosts this beach. Palm trees dot the beach making for an exclusive site and the sand landscape will surely leave you spellbound.

•Serenity Beach: True to its name, the beach is a visual delight to begin with. The exotic golden sand and the clear blue water add exclusivity to the beach. Just sit back, relax and indulge in the pleasures of sun bathing.

•Auroville Beach: This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Puri. The shallow waters make ample space for swimming. Do not forget to collect some of those coloured sea shells that are in abundance here!

5. Kerala: This place has some exquisite and unadulterated beaches that stand in sharp contrast to places like Goa. Kerala is a cleaner alternative to Goa and houses innumerable beaches. There is an eclectic mix of isolated and busy beaches. To get the best experience, try and visit between December and March.

•Bekal: This place is home to a relatively untouched beach. Not only this, the fort that Bekal is famous for is a must visit. You get a variety of experiences on this northern most district of Kasargod. The coconut grooves dotting the coastline make for a serene experience.

•Kovalam: Of course, this beach needs no introduction. This is one of the hottest and most popular beaches to visit in India. The combination of Lighthouse Beach, Hawa Beach and Samudra beach impart a wide variety in terms of mood and activities.

•Varkala: This place has a uniqueness to boast about and the reason is that it happens to be the only place to have cliffs running adjacent to the sea. If you are one of those people who enjoy nature, you might as well not miss one of the best sunset experiences that the beach offers.


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