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5 Spookiest places around the world that’ll send a chill down your spine!

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5 Spookiest places around the world that’ll send a chill down your spine!
Have you had enough of traveling to pristine white beaches, scenic mountains and famous monuments, which seem to be thronged by crowds, jostling to get that ‘perfect shot’! The earlier ‘exotic’ holiday destinations suddenly seem so commonplace now.
How about adding a twist to your next travel plans?… One that sends chills down the spine and gives you exciting thrills!  How about walking with the dead?…
The world has some of the darkest and dingiest places that attract many ghost-seekers. These places hold deep dark secrets that only the brazen bold can dare to unveil!
If you are you one of them, here are some places from around the world, sure to give you hair-raising experiences!
• Bhangarh Fort –Rajasthan
Freaky background
The Bhangarh Fort, located near Alwar in Rajasthan, is believed to have been cursed by a black magic wizard.  As per the curse, its inhabitants would die and their spirits would ‘live’ to haunt the area forever. The fort has an eerie feel to it, surrounded by houses without roofs, since it is said that anyone living in a covered house is bound to meet his end as the house will collapse on him!

People narrate chilling experiences of witnessing ghosts and spirits around the fort. No one is allowed by government’s orders to go near the fort at night! Would you dare to set foot there?

• The Island of Dolls, Mexico
Whacky to the core

Here, trees are said to grow naturally with dolls’ heads on them! Not sweet princess type dolls, but those with ghastly faces that will spook you out! Legend says that a little girl had died on the island, and her body was found in a canal. Her spirit is said to haunt the island and make doll heads grow out from trees. Even if a tree is cut to remove these dolls, the new pruned tree grows them right back! These hanging dolls have empty eyes, frizzled hair and jarred skin, with amputated body parts. Scary, isn’t it?

• The Riddle House, Florida
Gory past

Joseph, who worked here, is said to have committed suicide by hanging himself. It is said that he hated men. His ghost still seems to attack men who enter the attic. One man was hit by a lid arriving out of nowhere in the attic! The house is fully haunted, with furniture changing positions by itself, and angry ghosts heard shouting inside the premises. The house was shifted across town in the 1980’s to ward off spirits, but the ghosts went with it! Ample reason to give visitors some creeps, eh?

• The Edinburgh Castle, Scotland
Bloody bath

The castle is beautiful and haunted at the same time. Many visitors throng it for its rich history and architecture. But behind the obvious, within its folds, lie stories of bloody battles and sites of torture, and many tourists and staff have felt strange and unexplainable phenomena here. A feeling of being watched by someone, touched or pulled by invisible hands, as well as sightings of apparitions, including that of an old man, a headless drummer and a piper. People have seen shadows, strange sounds, sudden mists and drops in temperature, causing a feeling of sadness and despair. Tingling your nerves already?

• Humberstone and LaNoria, Chile
Terrors of the past

These are two abandoned towns had been inhabited by miners and their labourers. When business plummeted, these towns were left to fall to ruins. It is believed that ghosts from a nearby cemetery rise up to roam the streets of La Noria. In Humberstone, the ghostly snapshots are visible on photographs. Residents who never left these towns, died and wasted away due to poverty. It is said that their children can still be seen playing in the streets. The cemetery has open exposed graves! Why indeed?

So, if you dare, go ahead and pay the ghouls of the past a visit on your next trip. Who knows, you may be able to unravel the mysteries behind one of them! Maybe you can capture some sinister paranormal activity in your camera to scare the living daylights out of your friends back home!

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