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10 Himalayan Treks on your Adventure-To-Do list

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10 Himalayan Treks on your Adventure-To-Do list
The best in adventure and living on the edge with minimalistic means are the main ingredients of any treks in mountainous regions. Up close to nature in the lofty Himalayas gives the prefect opportunity to trek lovers to get first hand glimpse of the enthralling beauty of varying ranges and folds of the world’s highest mountains, glorified by natural scenic beauty, with breathtaking landscapes, and exotic flora and fauna. A trip in this wilderness is also marked with spiritual awakening, explored by ascetics of galore and testified in ancient Indian scriptures as well. The majestic Himalayas have the power to stir the trekkers’ souls as they challenge themselves over difficult terrain – a perfect setting for Man and Nature being one.
Here is a compilation of the 10 best treks in the Himalayan regions:
1. Markha Valley Trek (Ladakh)
This is a versatile and gorgeous terrain. It entails crossing of two Himalayan passes Gandala La and KongmaruLa at heights above4575 m. The enthusiasts need to pass through narrow valleys, giving way to wide-open landscape with breath-taking views all around. Ladakh is famous for its rugged and barren mountains and you get the closest glimpse of this vast expanse during this trek. Marked by traces of Buddhist heritage and culture that you encounter during your journey, it adds colour and tradition along with a spiritual side. Adorned by fluttering prayer flags that are symbols of Tibetan Buddhist tradition, the trail leaves you spellbound. After crossing the Kongmaru La pass  at 5150 m, you conclude this soul-stirring trek with  a visit to the Hemis Monastery.
Good Time:Mid-June to October
Duration: 9-12 days
Highest Point:KongmaruLa (5150m)

Physical Challenge: Moderate to Challenging

2. Chaddar Frozen River Trek (Ladakh)
This trek is the best bet for the most rush in your adrenaline and a delight for trek lovers. This includes a thrilling lifetime experience to walk over frozen sheets of ice from where the trek gets its name –Chadar(Ice Sheet) Trek.  Only on for winter months of Jan-Mar, when temperatures fall 30 to 35 degrees below freezing, this is one of the most exhilarating experiences, when the frozen Zanskar River, along with frozen waterfalls forms the high-point here. Your trek includes endangered trail, marked by daring paths such as a narrow alley between a wall of ice and deep gushing water on the other! Pristine grandeur and white opulence marks the route to Padum.
Good Time:January to March
Duration: 9-12 days
Highest Point:3890 m
Physical Challenge: Moderate to Challenging
3. DayaraDodital Trek (Uttarakhand)
This one is for the bird lovers. The marvellous trail starts at Barnala near Uttarkashi and completes at Hanuman Chatti. It requires crossing of the Darwa pass. Thronged by birds of all kinds that includes monal, koklas, whistling thrush, babbler and wagtail, this a wonderful and rare opportunity to view the winged creatures from close quarters. The Dayara meadow claims to be the most beautiful one on India. This trail is marked with lush greenery and is a great experience for outdoor camping amidst friendly natural environment. Pure pleasure, ideal for families and friends, this is the best rejuvenation that you may need!
Good Time:June to October
Duration: 7-8 days
Highest Point:3890 m

Physical Challenge:Easy

4. Stok Kangri Trek (Ladakh)
The Stok Kangri peak is a majestic and high peak at 6153 metres. The best part of this trek is that even beginners with no prior mountaineering experience can walk up to this exciting peak. Commencing in the Stok village, this trail takes you through green expanses and fields to contrasting cold desert of the lofty Himalayas. Be prepared to treat your eyes to stunning views of the ZanskarMountain Range, Indus Valley and Leh as the trail moves along picturesque valleys of Ladakh.
Good Time:June to October
Duration: 9-12 days
Highest Point:6153 m

Physical Challenge: Moderate to Challenging

5. Goencha La Trek (Sikkim)
This trek is done in the alluring and beautiful state of Sikkim. The trekker gets an enchanting view of the majestic Kanchenjunga range. This starts from Yuksom, the old capital of the state and passes through thick green forests, and flower laden meadows, finally to rocky and rugged terrain, onto the ultimate view of the 3rd highest peak in the world. As one treks beyond the Dzongari meadows, one is pushed to raw means and pure adventure. The royal mountains loom in dignified towering heights all around, and the campsite allows uninterrupted views of grand glaciers.
Good Time:June to October
Duration: 10-15 days
Highest Point:4950 m

Physical Challenge: Moderate

6. TsoMoriri to Kibber Trek(Spiti to Ladakh)
This is a daring trek in Jammu and Kashmir starting from TsoMoriri Lake (Spiti) towards KorzoktillKibber (Ladakh).This trek has historical importance as well as it was the passage link in this route before the construction of the road from Spiti to Ladakh and onwards towards Tibet.
This lasts 8-9 days depending on how much ground you can cover each day. It allows camping at the Tso Moriri Lake, after which the trekkers trudge along a high plateau to the spring of ChumikSharte.This trek will make you cross flowing rivers, glistening glaciers and finally take you to the Parang la pass. This climb is fraught with testing of mettle, especially the last couple of kilometres. This pass takes you to a steep descent on the other side.
From Spiti, you need to proceed towards the source of the Pare Chu River. Before the pass, you are treated to deep gorges, but after crossing, you will see large plains. The mesmerizing rock waterfall makes a good camping site, towards the end of the trek.
Good Time:June to September
Duration: 7-8 days
Highest Point:Parang La (5490 m)

Physical Challenge: Moderate to difficult

7. Trek to the Valley of Flowers (Uttarakhand)
This trek takes you to a natural paradise on earth. The Valley of flowers Trek covers 55 kms, and has a religious angle to it, since it includes the trek to the Sikh’s piousHemkund Sahib. The gorgeous Valley of Flowers is compact and only 11 km in length. This high valley gets adorned with all possible hues of natural Himalayan flowers blossoming during the short monsoon period of the monsoon, transforming the area into a fairy-tale kind of setting. It is God’s mystic powers that make the Valley of Flowers change the bright colours every fortnight. The most famous flower is the blue Primola that blooms here by the thousands. The trek starts from GovindGhat, via Hemkund Sahib, to Ghangharia,from where 5 km takes you to the valley.
Good Time:June to September
Duration: 4-6 days
Highest Point:3900 m

Physical Challenge:Easy

ALifetimeTrip - Valley-of-flowers

8. Kuari Pass Trek (Uttrarakhand)
This is a glimpse into history and is also popularly called “The Lord Curzon Trail”. One of the rare and beautiful trails in the Garhwal Himalayas, this trek lets you absorb spectacular views of the Nanda Devi Sanctuary. You can also see many other startling snow-capped peaks over 7000m heights that go beyond India’s boundaries, way into Tibet. The trek goes via lush green valleys, dense jungles and is lined with quaint mountain villages, inhabited by glowing faced Garhwalis. A variation and shorter trail can be covered in winters as well.
Good Time:May to October
Duration: 9-12 days
Highest Point:4500 m

Physical Challenge:Easy to moderate

9. Singalila Kanchenjunga Trek (Sikkim)
One of the longest treks into the deep folds of Sikkim, this trek offers marvellous vistas of peaks sprawling over a whopping 700 km! This includes the sighting of Mt. Everest, Kanchenjunga, Makalu and Lhotse peaks. The trek covers the Singalila Ridge, located near Darjeeling, and is marked with unmatched natural beauty. A favourite amongst true trek enthusiasts, this route can take you to the Goencha La Pass as well, after an ascent to almost 5000m. Interesting aspects of this route include uphill trekking in pure Himalayan pristine surroundings. The gradient is gradual, and is a well-deserved peek inti the might Himalayas is the high point of this trek.
Good Time:Mid-March to May, September to October
Duration: 20 days
Highest Point:4940 m

Physical Challenge:Moderate to Challenging

10. GomukhTapovanTrek (Uttarakhand)
This is one trek that is a heady mix of spiritual pilgrimage and adventure.  Its rail lies along the holy Ganges River, all the way up to its source, called the cow’s mouth or Gomukh, as per Hindu beliefs. This is the base of the Gangotri glacier, origin of Ganges. There is a camp at Tapovan, called so, because many sages in the past have taken to these deep forests to do hard penance (tap), seeking for the ultimate knowledge or truth. This camp gives mesmerizing views of many peaks such as Sudarshan, Bhirgupanth, Meru Parvat, Mt. Shvling etc. The alluring trek covers vast meadows that make for good camping sites, as one can explore the surrounding areas and return to base camp. Tapovan is a green enclosure protected by lofty mountain peaks, strewn with enticing blue mountain goats all over the hilly pastures.
Good Time:May to October
Duration: 12 days
Highest Point:4465 m

Physical Challenge:Moderate

Treks are surely offbeat travel experiences, ideal for adventurousspirits and feeling close to God. Every trekker will verify that each trip away from the materialistic world is an enrichening experience. So pack in your essentials and head to these majestic locales and you will come back wiser, refreshed, more self-aware and self-confident and a stronger person!

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