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The Placid Backwaters Of Kerala

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The placid backwaters of Kerala
Admire rays of the rising sun, soothing winds, birds flying across the water and freshness of flowers while sipping morning tea, on the boats in the backwaters of Kerala!
Situated in South India, Kerala backwaters forma maze of water bodies stretching for around a thousand kilometers. The coconut palm fringed backwaters surround many islands, small and big, quaint villages, towns and cities.They form an inherent part of life in Kerala. Here you can spot the lifeline boats even for daily errands delivering newspapers,mail, milk and vegetables.
Unique Characteristics for an unforgettable experience
The beauty of Kerala backwaters is epitomized by houseboats, aquatic life and boat races.
Native house Boats
Enjoy the journey in backwaters in ‘kettuvallams’, the house boats of Kerala.Beautifully carved from eco-friendly materials like bamboo poles, coconut fiber ropes and bamboo mats, these floating cottages have an expansive area with variousamenities to match the pockets and preferences of different tourists.A variety of cruises are on offer: half day, full day, views of sunrise, sunset, and the romantic nightcruise!Or in the age of tailor-made everything, you can take a customized tour if you are game to pay the premium!
Get enchanted by the charming silhouettes of vegetation, flora and fauna here. Get a wonderful view of the picturesque villages from the deck of your boats. Get tempted to take a break and go for short walk into the village islands! The huts and the mud-lined little pathways will add to the rustic charm!

The night-time experience deserves special mention. Soak in the beauty of dusk while the houseboats get lit tradionally with earthen lamps.  Savor the fresh Kerala delicacies spread on the banana leaf during the ride!

Aquatic Habitat
Backwaters are home to a unique species of aquatic life, water birds and plants. While the enthusiasticfishers can indulge in fishing, the budding ornithologists can set their binoculars on the colorful, vibrant birds!

Get entranced with the fragrance and colors of lotus and lilies floatingon the green hued water. Weave hair ornaments from jasmine flowers blooming on the shores!

The famous boat races
Vallam Kali, the snake boat race of Kerala, is a popular sport and a major tourist attraction.Traditionally called ChundanVallam,the boat is indeed a long canoe made of wood carrying around a hundred rowers!It glides like an agile snake through the waters and aptly called the snake boat.The synchronized hand movement of oarsmen on these boats will leave you spellbound!Sway to the tunes of Vanchipattu (boatsong)which is commonly sung during Vallam Kali.The whole atmosphere is charged with enthusiasm, with the visitors lined up all along the route of the race.

Largely conducted during the harvest festival of Onam, this is a must watch event.

Alluring destinations
Some famous backwater destinations in Kerala are Alappuza, Kumarakom, Kollam, Trivandrum and Kochi.

Recognized as Venice of the East, it is one of the major centers for backwater tours in Kerala. The Granary of Kerala, Kuttanad, called the rice bowl of Kerala is situated in this region. It is perhaps the only place in the world where farming is done below sea level!


The place boasts of a bird sanctuary known for local varieties of water fowl, cuckoo, water ducks, and migrating Siberian storks. Capture the nimble movements of the local fauna in your camera!

Kollam (Quilon)
The town has many historical remnants and intricately carved temples.Visit this place to catch glimpses of history. Therenowned Ashtamudi Lake in this region boasts of fifteen islands and eight small lakes.The beauty of the lake mirroring the surrounding greenery is quite captivating!

The eight hour boat trip between Kollam and Alappuza is the longest and the most enchanting experience of Kerala’s backwaters.


Water sports, a floating restaurant, an amusement park, speedboats and other amazing facilities make this spot a tourist attraction. Make sure to sail to the east end of the lake which is flanked by two scenic hillocks.

Far from the hustle and bustle of city life, the backwaters offer a laid back travel experience, which is serene and filled with natural wonders. Plan a trip to behold the unique beauty spread over the waters!

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