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India’s Mouthwatering Cuisines

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India’s Mouthwatering Cuisines
Indian food is often taken as a synonym forChicken Tikka for non-vegetarians and Paneer Butter Masala for vegetarians. But the wonders of the Indian cuisine are so much more! It has its own limitless variety of flavors, each with its own secrets to get that tantalizing taste.
Indian food is famous world-over for its spicy taste and aroma. Once you are hooked on to Indian food, you cannot keep your taste-buds happy with probably any other food! The delicacies span snacks, main courses and oh-so-sinful spread of desserts as well! Whether it is a poor peasant or a regal-like rich household, every Indian kitchen is apt at churning out the most delectable meals, at least 3 times a day, sometimes even more!
History Mystery
Indian food has undergone a lot of changes since the first appearance of the food on the table. India is known for its unique diversity with a rich history. It was invaded by outsiders many times and ruled by different dynasties from different cultures.  All theinvasions and dynasties have left their undeniable impression on the cuisines of this country. The original cuisines of the native countries that were brought here, have blended beautifully into the Indian mainstream food, given the climate and availability of local ingredients, and the result is a new avatar of a new lineage of food each time!
The most famous among them are the Mughlai food brought by Mughals, Nawabi cuisine of the Royal Nawabs of Lucknow and Hyderabadi cuisine of Nizams. There are scores of other lip-smacking cuisines as well, some more well-known due to their global audience and some lesser known, yet equally sumptuous.
We will try and unlock the secrets of Indian food here, just for you!
Masala Gali
Everywhere you go in India, you will find an impressive variety of masalas or sauces that go into various preparations. It varies from place to place, even household to household. You will be mystified as to how can a single dish have so many different versions. It happens only in India!
You see, most of the recipes have been passed from generation to generation through word of mouth. It is only recently, maybesince 60 – 70 years ago, that these recipes that have been consumed for hundreds of years are getting published or written down.The word of mouth relies heavily on personal touches; hence every recipe has undergone a series of additions or removals of one or moreingredientsor alterationof the quantities. So that’s how same dish will not taste the same in two places, yet each version equally delicious! That’s the beauty of Indian food!
Regional mash-up

Rajasthan in North-West India where you find the famous Thar Desert, is a dry, arid region with scarcity of water. In this region, the food is made using buttermilk, ghee(clarified butter) and milk. It makes the food nutritious along with being an intelligent idea that lowers the consumption of water for the preparation of food. Also the staple diets of jowar and baajrarotisare really very tasty. The Daalbaati-churma is a simple and yet delicious food here.

Gujaratis an Indian state where the food is all about blending textures and subtle flavors. The farehere is mainly vegetarian, still prepared inmuchof the traditional way, without much alteration in modern times. A peculiar thing is the habit of adding a bit of sweet in the main curries of dal and other vegetables, along with chapattis and rice. The state is famous for the wonderful khakhras and theplas, the everlasting homemade snacks, as well as the renowned dhokla and khandvi!

Punjab is the state of known for its quality milk products and stuffed Paranthaas(wheat bread), as well as the world-famouusButter Chicken! There are many dishes typical of this region like sarsonkasaag, makkiki roti and lassi. The state is an agricultural bliss, so people are boisterous and believe in rich food.Punjab is the placewhich has provided many elements of the Indian cuisine like tandoorand chicken tikka! Its paneer or cottage cheese and fresh crème in everything here! An amazing assortment of dishes can be doled out from that single wondrous paneer – you will be surprised to learn!











Maharashtrian food has many subtle blends of flavors in vegetarian dishes and exotic, spicy curries of meat and fish. Lot of coconut and fish isused in this cuisine as the recipes originated in coastal regions. The watery yellow dal called aamti is extremely popular. The famed vada-paav finds its roots here! So is the lip-smacking bhelpuri from Mumbai!

Goanese food is world renowned for its sea-food fare and its use of coconut milk in its various dishes. The Xacuti masala is as famous as the Feny drink here! Inspired by Portuguese influences, the flavors here are different from the neighboring Konkan region!

Malabari cuisine or Keralite fare is famous for its use of coconut and coconut milk in most of their dishes. This region is famous for its unique spicy masalas used in cooking vegetables, meat and fish.  The breakfast of this region is said to be the best breakfast in the world. Healthy to the core, you will find yourself wanting mire, even though your stomach feels full!

 Andhra cuisine is said to be spiciest cuisine of India. It has liberal use of dry fruits, exotic spices and clarified butter in the preparation of vegetables and meat, giving it a unique flavor and spiciness. Nuts are also used in the various preparations. Hyderabadi or Nizami cuisine has Mughlai influence.The best known dish is the Hyderabadi Biryani, with hot MirchikaSalan and cooling yogurt Raita!

Bengali cuisine is known for its fish based dishes. What a variety of ways they have to cook the same fish in! They use mustard oil in their preparations. The delicious MachherJhol deserves special mention! The mention of Bengali food is incomplete without the mention of their sweets. Be it Rasgulla or Sandesh, nobody can beat them in this!

The food of Uttar Pradesh is known as Awadhi cuisine. It is somewhat a mid-way between Kashmiri and Punjabi cuisine. The tikkas and rich gravies find favor with patrons the world over. Thiscuisine is also famous in this state for preparations of paneer, meat and spices like saffron in it. The snacks of samosa and pakoras have their birthhere.

Kashmirior Wazwan cuisine is mostly meat based especially lamb meat. The food is delicately flavored with various dry fruits, nuts and spices and has a red tinge, owing to Kashmiri red chilies. These chilies are mildly spicy and give a rich red color. The food preparation is generously based on liberal use of oil. The flavor of Kashmiri food is hot and unmatched.

The North-West Frontier cuisine consistsbasically about marinating the meat and vegetables without actually suppressing their main tastes, rather enhancing the flavors with minimal usage of spices and sauces at high temperature.

Indian food is as much about taste and flavor as it is about its scientific benefits. The medicinal value of the most of the ingredients that are used in the preparation is testimony of the ancient deep knowledge that is part of the Indian heritage.Indian spices help maintain health of the body. It is said that turmeric heals the wounds in the body and fenugreek seeds cool the body as well as get rid of the worms in the stomach.
Though many are ignorant about the actual reason behind the combination of ingredients in a particular way, there’s always a tasty reason for it that one can savor!Treating your taste buds to a piece of heaven, whether sweet, spicy or tangy is a sure thing that attracts everyone to the Indian food wonders. Have a good time trying all of them! A lifetime may not be enough!
Bon appétit!

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  1. Good to read this, and the amazing thing is, there is so much to Indian food, it’s almost impossible to grasp it in blog posts. For example, few know of the elaborate vegetarian preparations in Bengali food, or various kinds of ‘badian’ in Punjabi food. Assamese food has its own unique flavour and so on…

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