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Group Travel – A Boon For Solo Traveler

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Just imagine seeing something nice like a beautiful sunset, a garment or an article and not be able to share and discuss it with anyone? One invariably feels, Oh! I wish so and so was here to see this or I wish I could have shared this with someone. Such is the joy of sharing. It multiplies with each share.

In the recent times, Indian society has faced several social challenges that have resulted in many people to willingly or unwillingly adopt single-hood. Unlike yesteryears many people travel through life on their own. Solo. There are many single parents, unmarried individuals, women who have chosen to be single, divorced persons, parents with children abroad etc. The Indian social fabric has learnt to accept these new individual citizens happily. Being solo is alright. Being solo doesn’t mean one can’t enjoy the same privileges as the others.

The travel industry is probably one of the first industries that welcomed the solo traveler and mingled them in the group travel programs. The group travel tours are a mixed potpourri, where solos and couples travel as a group and share the travelling experience. The Group Travelling tours are indeed a boon for a solo traveler. Any solo person, professional irrespective of age or gender bar can now visit and see all those beautiful destinations they wished they could see and enjoy. Travelling with a group tour is always a pleasure. It is like going with an extended family without any obligation.

The Top 5 Benefits of Group Travel For A Solo Traveler Are:

No Tedious Planning, just enjoy the group privileges:

When you travel in a group, you get all the travelling arrangements like ticketing, airline itinerary, hotel bookings organized by the tour operator, and you truly need not do much besides make the payments. This is a completely hassle free travel as all responsibility of arrangements rests with the Travel Agency or Tour Operator.

The Sense Of Security:

Travelling alone, especially in alien countries or locations, can be quite risky for both genders and a group brings an immediate security and protection to the solo traveler. An elderly solo traveler can find solace in realising his/her dreams, even at a late age, while basking in the safety of the fellow group members.

Save The Money:

When one travels solo, he misses on the discount part of the trip. The hotels, airlines do not make hefty group discounts available to solo travelers. For the lone passenger, the road transports like taxi and buses too are expensive as against group travelling in these vehicles. When a solo traveler joins a group, he/she can benefit from Insane Discounts that the group travelers usually receive. Many times when you travel in a group, especially in destinations with different colloquial language, an interpreter is available to explain the details of the surroundings, and the solo traveler can enjoy the visit far better than mutely watching the scenery.

Sharing & Joy:

Sharing is fun, happiness and contentment. Be it a tasty chocolate or a photograph, the joy of travelling in a group gives ample opportunities to share. While one has the company of like minded people, one can even choose to remain aloof and enjoy the travel experience in regular solitude.

Expand The Buddy Circle:

A Solo Travelers can find travel partners with similar travelling interest like wildlife or photography. Such group interactions that are at a personal level can bring around long lasting friendships for future travel trips or social friendships. So all those people irrespective of their reasons for being solo can fulfil their dream of visiting their favourite destinations. The reason a person is single no more matters. Literally. You can now enjoy any destination that you have always wanted to visit but could never plan due to lack of company.

At Alifetimetrip.com, we offer very customised group Travel Packages that accommodate the solo traveler. For more information on the upcoming Tour Packages, contact us by email info@alifetimetrip.com or follow us on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/ALifetimeTrip/

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