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Crazy Indian weddings – Travelers First Love

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Crazy Indian weddings – Travelers First Love
The Taj Mahal in India may be the wonder of the world, but Indian weddings are no less than a wonder for a global traveler. The sheer size of wedding attendees, duration, rituals, beautiful trousse, gold ornaments, dance and drama are as attractive to the visiting traveler as is the intricate marble designs of Taj Mahal.

In the recent time, there has been a steady flow of travelers to watch, understand and sometimes even perform weddings in India. India is fast becoming a land for Destination Weddings. The great Indian wedding traditions with a deeper meaning to the methodology have struck a chord globally. For a person receiving exposure to these wedding rituals for the first time, it may feel mighty madness. However, as the traveler settles down and understands the meaning of these rituals a beautiful, spellbinding philosophy unfolds.

However, the first impression of Indian weddings to a traveler is that of craziness. The Crazy Indian weddings are typically seen as Fat Indian Weddings. These weddings usually last for a minimum of 5 days. It is the time the two families flex their financial power to make a statement of affluence and status to the acquittances in general.

However, it is not all just about the power play, it is about fun, traditions and being in the moment at its best.

The Top 5 Wedding Rituals That Traveler, Love About Crazy Indian Weddings are

1. The Ganesh Pooja or the dedication to the Elephant God: All Indian ceremonies start with a commitment offered to Lord Ganesha, the destroyer of all obstacles. On the wedding occasions, both families offer a prayer and seek protection and blessing from Lord Ganesha.

2. The Haldi (Turmeric)Ceremony: The Haldi ceremony usually takes place 2-3 days before the actual wedding day. Both bride and groom have applied a paste of turmeric & curd or milk. The reason behind this is to ensure both the main characters of the event arrive in glowing and golden skin tone on the wedding day. As per the tradition, the turmeric has antiseptic value and ensures the skin tones of both bride and groom are disinfected with the golden turmeric.


3. The Henna or Mehendi Ceremony: In the olden times there were very few items that could be used to add color to the bride’s hand and feet. The green henna is applied and left to dry overnight to create dark brown or red designs that last for a week or two. Sometimes the groom’s name is supposed to have been hidden in these maze patterns. The henna designs are also adorned by other ladies participating in the wedding ceremony. A traditional belief is that the darker the henna designs, the more successful the union.


4. The Arrival Of The Groom on The Horse: The horse represents valor & again a statement of status, and the Crazy Indian Weddings have groom arriving on the horse in most cases. A horse is also decorated for the occasion carries the master of the ceremony and delivers him at the wedding hall. The groom’s family dances while on their way to the bride’s place. The most popular music is played on this occasion, and one can find the most animated dancing styles in this procession. A standard joke of Global Traveler is that getting married is an act of courage, and hence, the horse that represents valor is indeed necessary.

Picture Credit: Youtube.com

5. The Saptapadi or the seven steps around the fire: This is the most important step in the Indian traditional weddings. A relevance of this step is of great interest to most travelers. It’s a way of taking a vow where the groom and the bride are seen as equals. They go around the auspicious fire for seven times, confirming that they will share food, give each other the desired strength, work toward towards prosperity, use the combined wisdom, raise progeny together and support each other in sickness until death. Above all, they will remain friends forever on this journey of marital life.

Picture credit: http://www.weddingmagazine.in/
The Crazy Indian Weddings are fun events with the guests getting treated with finest of food choices. An enormous spread of different food dishes that most travelers find attractive. A ritual where the bride party hides groom’s shoes only to return them for a ransom is a another casual icebreaker game that amuses the traveler. Indian weddings mostly bring out the best of traditional dressings. One can find attractive men and women mingling around freely, and many a future wedding events are initiated and decided in this very chaotic space called Crazy Indian weddings.

As the traveler settles in the hurricane activity of weddings, he slowly gets engulfed in the intoxicated world of the Crazy Indian Weddings.



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