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Exploring the Unexplored – Goa Unplugged

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We recently went on a trip to Goa but the thirst to go again still remains! As they say, you can take the person out of Goa, but can’t take out Goa out of a person. The hangover just doesn’t seem to go. Goa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India and has rightly maintained its position over the years. There are certain busy seasons when it gets extravagantly expensive but then it is value for money through major parts of the year. However, the ones that do not want to splurge that much need not fret. They could easily visit Goa in the non-festive & non-holiday times. There is just too much to offer and if you are up for it, you will never be satiated. How I wish to have a permanent abode amidst those mesmerizing beaches!

Goa has everything going for it-the picturesque popular beaches, the Sunburn Festival, periodic celebrity spotting (if you are lucky and interested), the cheap liquor, the fabulous parties and the sand. You get to click some amazing pictures too, which is just the icing on the cake one needs! What else could you ask for? Some popular locations like the Baga Beach, Colva Beach and Anjana Beach are almost on every prospective visitor’s itinerary. But what we want to do is to open up the unseen and not so popular yet amazing destinations in Goa that deserve your attention. There is a wide array of activities to be done, food to be eaten and unseen places to be visited; as every place has a unique story to tell. After all, what is the charm of living someone else’s experience all over again?

All set to explore the hidden treasures of Goa? Here we go:


Fort Tiracol: Yes, we highly recommend getting out of the comfort of the seasoned hotels and make lodging reservations at this marvellous 17th century Portuguese fort. The nomenclature of these rooms is pretty interesting (the rooms are named after seven days of the week); and this is just the glimpse of what follows closely. The amazing contemporary furniture and the breathtaking sea vistas add to the charm and make you feel as if you are on the best vacation ever.

Some of the other chic and stunning lodging alternatives include Casa Britona, Palolem’s rustic beach huts, and Casa Susegad. We are not spilling the specificities because that would build up the suspense and make you work to get to the details. However, we would just like to say that they are exotic and have brilliant history and bemusing architecture for us to have made a strong case for them.


1.  Butterfly Beach:  The major tourist attractions of Goa happen to be its beaches, but we would like you to experiment and move away from the obvious choices. Butterfly Beach happens to be one such isolated beach that is relatively frequented by less number of tourists. You will have to take a boat from Palolem or Agoda Beach to reach here and be assured to have some great private moments on this exquisite beautiful stretch of sand.

2.  Galjibagh Beach: This is a heaven for people who have a fascination for sea life. You are sure to find the Olive Ridley Turtle relaxing here. In fact, it is the seasonal hatching and nesting site of this animal. You can also visit a few shacks on the beach that sell authentic Goan food and have some pretty sea shells on sale.

3.  Hollant Beach: if you are a non-swimmer, this is an ideal paradise for you. You would be enamoured by the rustic charm of the place as soon as you step on it. Besides, the long stretch of shallow water takes scenic beauty to another level. It is a rocky beach which sets it apart from the rest. A plethora of boats of fishermen lines the narrow curvy shore making for an exquisite site.

pic Credits: holidayiq.com

4.  Cola Beach: The beauty and the charm of this place can be guessed by the fact that even the locals were not aware of the beach’s existence. Imagine! It is immaculately spotless and has a vast number of coconut groves amidst the wide expansive blue sky to accentuate its beauty. It also has a unique lagoon which makes for a memorable stay.

5.  Sinquerim Beach: Located nearby Fort Aguada, this is another marvel that deserves deep appreciation. The strange fact is that the place has preserved its beauty and charm and enjoys isolation despite having luxury resorts in the background. The immaculate and pristine stretch of white sand makes for a relaxing environment. If you are able to spot the sunset sitting here, bless your fortunes and bask in the serenity.

Picture credits: http://visitingplacesofgreatindia.blogspot.in

6.  Bambolim Beach: One of the most scintillating virgin beaches in Goa, this is lined up with beautiful trees and shrubs all along. It is quiet, clean and not swarmed with tourists. This is a rocky beach with small stretches of sand in between. The view is electrifying not in the conventional senses. The task to make new resorts on the beach is in full swing, so visit it before commercialism gets to this place!


Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary: The strategic location of Goa makes it conducive to be habitable to several bird and animal species apart from the prolific sea life it supports. This bird sanctuary is located on the island of Chorao. It boasts of having birds that travel from as far as Siberia. Early mornings are the most ideal time to visit this Sanctuary. The mangroves would also delight you to the core. Hire a guide and get to know the birds in details, if you so desire.

Pic Credits: goa365days.com


1.  Harvalem Falls: You would find this waterfall tucked near Sanquelim. It is a peaceful waterfall and is ideal to be visited during the monsoon season. You could also visit some nearby caves and temples for a varied experience.

Pic Credits: thegoavilla.com

2.  DudhsagarFalls: Embark on a train from Kulem to reach Dudhsagar Falls without spending a lot of money.  You won’t regret including this in your itinerary.

Picture Credits: Flickr

So what are you waiting for? Go Goa Gone!

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