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Udaipur beguiles travelers with its Unmatched Charm

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Udaipur Beguiles Travelers with Its Unmatched Charm

Once the capital city of the King of Mewar, a Rajput, Udaipur is what romance is to the poets. The magic of visiting Udaipur will never stop in your heart, as this city is filled with rich history, monuments, museums, palaces, forts, lakes, temples, colorful local festivals, and events. Also known to be ‘the most romantic city in India,’ and ‘Venice of India,’ this city of lakes carries the heroic spirit of valiant Rajput kings and warriors. A true place of inspiration for creative souls. You could paint your imagination with the kaleidoscopic view of this city of dawn that can ignite your romance for life! Udaipur is cocooned between the ranges of beautiful Aravalli Hills.


The lake palace, which is surrounded by Lake Pichola, was built by Maharana Jagat Singh, and now turned into a five star hotel, gives a scenic view that depicts excellent artistic craftsmanship. The décor of this palace is made in the authentic ethnic theme embellished in fabrics and engravings of Rajasthan and Indian motifs. You can also take a walk on the royal corridors of Fateh Prakash Palace that are adorned with paintings as old as 17th century and decorated in velvet and silk curtains inside. If you want to take a look at the ornate style in which palaces are decorated, you must visit the Moti Mahal and Chini Mahal. These palaces depict the life and culture of the Mewar Dynasty.

Museums and forts

From the days of yore, these museums depict the lifestyle and day to day living conditions during the time of Mewar dynasty. Every palace and museum in Udaipur is popular for its enigmatic and intricate architecture and interiors. Inside the City Palace museum you will find antique pieces, artifacts, and armory collection of Kings of Mewar. There is a spot in this courtyard and it is said that on that very spot in the courtyard, a sage had told the King of Mewar to build a city around it. The Shilpagram museum depicts the arts and crafts created during the Mewar Dynasty. Shilpagram means a village of craftsmen. There is also a museum that has a collection of vintage cars. It is said that the Maharanas used these vintage luxury cars which depicts the splendor of their aristocracy.

If you would like to see the crystal collection of chairs, tables, chandeliers, sofas, and even beds, visit this exotic place called Durbar Hall which is on the southern side of the City Palace Museum. Imagine what a luxury it would be to sleep on a crystal bed!!You’d be dreaming in radiance! No other gallery has such unique artistry as that displayed in this Crystal Durbar Hall. Someone really loved jewels and precious stones a little more than women did, and then, Durbar Hall was created shimmering in artistic works made in crystal.

Pic Credits: Flickr

The Bagore ki Haveli that lies on the Lake Pichola is yet another popular tourist attraction. This haveli is dolled up with glass and mirror works. You can also get a glimpse of modern art paintings in the huge rooms that are spread across this place. This Haveli is now used for conducting dance and music events.

Nature and Wildlife

The Kumbhalgarh Sanctuary is a home for many endangered species. If you are lucky, you could see wolfs, antelopes, hyenas, jackals, leopards, chinkara, and many mammals that are now a rare species. Peacocks and doves are most commonly viewed birds in this sanctuary. You can also get a view of kingfishers, parakeets, golden Oriole, and hooting owls. You can take a horse safari to this wild life sanctuary.

Pic Credits: http://www.linkmesh2.com

Parks and gardens

You can enjoy the sight of musical fountain in the Dudh Talai Musical Garden. They do play Bollywood numbers, don’t they? This is also a place where you can get to see the beautiful sunset in the Aravalli Hills. This is the first musical fountain built in Rajasthan. You also get to see the magnificent view of Lake Pichola, Jag Mandir, and get a panoramic view of the entire Udaipur City. The Sukhadia Circle which lies in the northern side of Udaipur is best to be visited in the night. When the three tier fountains light up, you can see some auspicious motifs carved in this marble fountain. It is said that these motifs symbolize prosperity. This place which is called ‘the heart of Panchwati,’ is surrounded by many gardens and scenic landscapes.

Pic Credits: http://www.ghumakkar.com


The Jagadish Temple which lies on the Lake Pichola is a very popular temple, especially for its architecture, as it has been built on a higher altitude. In this temple lies the abode of Lord Lakshmi Narayana. It was built by Maharana Jagat Singh, and is popular for its Indo-Aryan architecture. There is also a famous Karni Mata Temple also known as ‘the temple of rats,’ and can be reached by cable cars. This temple treats rats as sacred. Karni Mata is said to be a reincarnation of Goddess Durga.


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