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50 Reasons to Love INDIA


50 Reasons to Love INDIA

Each person has his/her favourite place that holds cherished secrets and unique facets. Few places have however an appeal that can touch the hearts of many. India is one such place.
There are many reasons to love a country as diverse and as big as India. Here’s an attempt to compile 50 of those. The list is not exhaustive, as the reasons could be many, but nevertheless the more interesting ones are included:

1. India is the birthplace of ancient Yoga, the intriguing science of controlling mind, body and spirit. Care to learn?

2. India is also the home where Ayurveda was born with its miraculous cures and wondrous healing. Want to experience it?

3. There are so many languages, religions and cultures in India that a lifetime devoted to learning them will be proven short. Amazing, isn’t it?

4. The regional dresses of India are so varied. It is mind-boggling how a single country can have so many traditional dress forms.How can one forget the gorgeous and graceful sari?

5.This one deserves a special mention – the ultimate love symbol in the whole world – the Taj Mahal!

6. Where else will you find superstars of movies and cricketers being worshipped? People make temples of these living legends and pray to them!

7. Where else will you find a paradise on earth – a place and people as lovely as Kashmir?

8. The pristine beaches of Goa are India’s very own Hawaii!

9. The tea, aka the chai we get here in kulhads or earthen mugs cannot be obtained anywhere else. The heavenly taste cannot be matched by the finest china mugs elsewhere in the world!

Pic Credits: Flickr

10. The mango, the king of fruits,is abundant here. Whoever tastes it is hooked for life. Are you one of them?

11. The melodious Indian classical music – Hindustani and Carnatic is ancient and deep, unrivalled by any music from the rest of the world.

Pic Credits: Flickr

12. There are 8 listed classical forms of dances in India. Each one as different from the other and just as fascinating and graceful.

13. The food of India – lip smacking? Indian food is divine with its variety and flavors, a host of options as varied as its languages.

14. The country that has been living on the wonders of vegan food since times immemorial, which the rest of the world is now waking up to.

15. The home of innumerable masalas, spices to add irresistible aromas to food, and having medicinal scientific benefits as well!

16. Is there another country in the world where there are as many festivals and reasons to celebrate as we do here? In fact, if we have a holiday for each celebration and festival, we will work in between holidays instead of the other way round!

17. Street food is simply irresistible and dirt cheap… where else will you be able to eat regional cuisines for 2 under Rs. 100?

18. Temples, mosques, churches and all religious places you can think of co-exist beside each other.

19. The privileged unique part of the world which enjoys 5 seasons instead of 4 – our glorious monsoons that make everything green and full of gaiety!

20. India and Bollywood are inseparable. You can see its influence everywhere here and it binds all classes and religions!

21. Foreign food,desi style! You can’t be in this country and not eat the localized version of almost every type of international food. Be it Chindian noodles or chicken tikka pizza!

22. Our history is as colorful and vibrant as the country. Each place in India has its own past – learn the myriad stories of how it came to be as it is today!

23. Our weddings, oh so grand! Just the word itself brings a glow and smile to most faces – famous for their pomp, show and glamour.

Pic Credit: thebigfatindianwedding.com

24. Have you every enjoyed the three-wheeler‘auto’ ride? How about the rickety and lovely cycle- rickshaw? Unbeatable experience!

25. Oil massage or telmaalish to open up your muscles for measly Rs. 50!

26. The unforgettable meethapaan! The tantalising, sweet, tangy, spicy taste – tickling and enticing your taste buds after a sumptuous meal!

27. Our love of movie songs is unmatched. Want to check it out? Join in for some fun anytime anywhere with the perfect ice-breaker – our rally of songs – that’s right – the game of Anthakshari that every Indian seems to be a master of!

Pic Credit: Flickr

28. Domestic help available for everything – right from washing, cooking to ironing, driving massaging!

Pic Credit: youthkiawaz.com

29. There is a name for every relation imaginable that you may encounter in your family instead of plain aunt, uncle and cousin!

30. We are never short of festivals, parties or celebrations. If we don’t have one, don’t worry, we will create one!

Pic Credits: Payalkumar.com

31. The democracy or freedom to live life as you like (as long as you don’t pester your neighbours too much)!


32. India is a like a slice of heaven for photographers for its variety in almost everything from people, lifestyle to food, clothes to temples!


33. Varied and diverse landscapes power packed into one – snow-peaked Himalayas to mesmerizing sand dunes of deserts to enchanting coastlines!

34. For the pleasures of bargaining while shopping!Even when the board in the shop proclaims “Fixed Prices”!

35. The topography of India is such that you are never far from a weekend get-away from any given location in India. Wow!


36. You can live on Rs. 100,000 a month as well as on Rs.10,000 here, as you wish to choose. You don’t get that everywhere.


37. The Indian hospitality, where we welcome strangers into our homes and our lives with open arms!


38. Indian railways are unmatchable! A journey on rails is an unforgettable experience. Not to forget they are the largest rail network in the world!

39. The wildlife sanctuaries here have some rare species of animals (tigers, lions etc.) and birds.

40. Tailor made dresses are a way of life here. This happens to be quite expensive in many other nations.

41. Where else will you see cattle and sheep along with vehicles on a road? We believe in co-existing with animals, and love the chaos!

42. There is nowhere in the where you will encounter a small temple in almost every street as in India. We are God-fearing!

43. In every state, there are so many brilliantly architected forts, symbols of ourrich history and glory.

44. Adorable cute children and frisky youngsters greeting their elders by touching the elders’ feet whenever they meet.

45. The seat of ancient knowledge – you can find all modern scientific concepts explained in detail in ancient Sanskrit literature, the world is ‘re-discovering’ what our ancestors had already decoded!

46. Holidays still mean spending time with your family and friends. Where else do you get that?

47. The awesome soap operas which try very unsuccessfully to make you cry with lots of sentiments and emotions thrown in! We love our sari clad, layered make-up caked ladies here!

48. Being social is a way of life here as many of us are brought up in joint-family atmosphere!

49. The origin of Buddhism and Jainism, and the oldest religion known to humanity – Hinduism!

50. Last but not the least, is the love and tolerance and compassion of Indians towards everyone.

Pic credits: cnn.com

To experience even a few of the things listed above is blissful enough. India is truly unique and unlike any other nation in the world. Since there are endless facets to explore about India, you can never get enough of this beautiful country!


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3 thoughts on “50 Reasons to Love INDIA

  1. That’s an absolutely fantastic list buddy…. Nos 10 and 39 being my fav!! 🙂
    Sharing it…

  2. Wah. .what a beautiful list.. feeling so proud to be an Indian.. thanks for this amazing write-up.. loved every bit of f it.

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