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Vibrant Desert Camps near Jaisalmer

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Vibrant Desert Camps near Jaisalmer

Raw and unadulterated, the Great Thar Desert is the pride of India. There are many folklores and legends about the great majestic play of sun and sands, burning during day, and smoothening chilly at night. As people are getting adventurous to explore and experience the wonders of nature and challenge their own comforts, the sand dunes of Rajasthan have been beckoning and attracting tourists from across the world.

As a result, a number of camps and resorts have become operational in the region. An experience here is unlike anything else. It gives you an entirely new perspective to nature and its mysterious wonders. The magnanimous and endless stretches of bare sand are mesmerizing as well as daunting.

Jaisalmer and the dunes

The most popular area to experience desert first hand is in the areas of Jaisalmer. The terrain is at a distance of approx. 45 km from the historical city of Jaisalmer. Many camp operators have made it into a memorable amalgamation of culture and natural beauty, all rolled into one, sprinkled with the legendary Rajasthani hospitality.

The harsh desert expanses are complemented by well-set tents that you can find for a comfortable and even lavish accommodation. There are portable tents, modern, complete with running water in makeshift toilets and bath! These tent houses and the entire camp seem like a melting pot of activity against a sandy backdrop.

Sandy treat!

Get ready to be enthralled by the gaiety of Rajasthan culture, coming alive at these camps. Bedecked camels, the pride of the desert, seem to make one feel like royalty, as one rides these majestic beauties on the sandy terrain.

Here amidst the undulating dunes, is a feast for the eyes and soul. For, tucked away deeper into the sandy jungles, are a number of sunset view-points. The clear horizon and the orange glow of the setting sun in the West has motivated so many poets and has been weaved into many verses. Indeed an unforgettable and unparalleled experience!

For some fun, how about rolling down from the soft slopes? Pure ecstasy and clean fun! Do it yet again and feel the child in you burst with joy! Getting the sand into your clothes, shoes and every part of your body is a rewarding and letting-go-your-inhibitions experience! The sun can play tricks and you may see the sand changing colors. How about taking the adventurous and daring jeep safari? Go up and down, round and round, in an SUV! Fantastic!

The gala evening

Most of the caps will organize an enchanting show for you in the evening. The heat of the day gives way to cool and chilly nights so make sure that you have some warm wraps around. Enrapture yourself in the soul-stirring and foot-tapping music and watch the graceful Rajasthani locals dance to these tunes. Their attire with the exotic mirror-work and beads, the famous ghaghra cholis, look so gorgeous as they swirl to famed folk rhythms. If you are lucky, you may see the seven pots dancer, a lady who can dance with many earthen pots placed on top of one another, delicately balanced on her head as she dances around. The fire-players will leave you gaping!

Pic at Royal Desert Camp, Jaisalmer

Feel like shaking a leg yourself? Get up and join the dancers and see the energy that flows through your veins! Such is the power of their music!

Lip-smacking food!

The Rajasthani cuisine will be laid out for you in a lavish spread. The local flavors for the vegetarians, such as the famous daal-baati-choorma and the pure ghee used in preparations will have you licking your fingers. There is also the famous ‘lal-maas’ or the ‘red-meat’ cooked in simpering hot gravies! Awesome!

Sit on flat ‘charpai’ like beds and feel like a loCal!

Loosen your purse strings

Most of the camps will take you to nearby shopping areas where the spread of local fares, especially handicrafts will bowl you over. Pick up a few colorful fabrics, intricately colored and inlaid with exquisite mirrorwork and beadwork. How about some chunky jewelry? Or some artifacts for your home? It gives the local artisans a boost as well, so do make a few purchases.

You can take back memories in terms of some Rajasthani dry and ready-to-munch snacks as well. Hope that your suitcase has enough space, because you may find the wonderful local artifacts totally irresistible!

A last word

Jaisalmer and the sand-dunes are very unique, as they give you a fine taste of the enigma and mysteries of a desert and its life. Their heritage and tradition is also very alluring. This is surely a trip worth making!


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