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Terrorism dampening the spirits of tourist worldwide

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First Bangkok, then Paris and now Mali…… Well, if you are wondering what these places have in common, it’s the recent spate of terror attacks that have shaken up not just the poor victims and their families, but the entire world.

Think of it, when was the last time you set off on a vacation, unperturbed by possibility of your plane been struck down by terrorists or your hotel being bombed by some sick minds!

With such acts of terrorism getting more frequent and brutal, the psyches of people across the world are under siege and people would rather feel safe within the confines of their homes or in a familiar territory, lest they end up risking their lives. If the trend continues, this will have a direct bearing on the global tourism industry. The results have probably already been felt in countries or cities that have been targeted by terrorists in the past.

For travelers in earlier and safer times, their only worry when setting off on a vacation with their families or for a business trip was the hotel and flight bookings and the forex, but now there’s so much more to contemplate when planning a trip, such as “Is my chosen destination safe?”

Here’s what one of our guests had to say the other day, “Killing a person is never justified, whether for religious or political reasons; much less in the Name of God. Those terrorists are a bunch of criminals. Unfortunately it is us, the common people, who have to live with this problem in all the countries and suffer in a free world. How happy and easy were the times when you could fly without getting into long queues for body/luggage inspection, carrying even knives with your hand luggage. My first flights by end of the sixties/beginning of the seventies (before the hijackers started their “Business”) were a wonderful experience. Hard to imagine today”… The plight of the travelers is evident from his words.

How I wish, we could find an easy solution to this global menace and not let those terrorists play havoc with our minds. And talking of people confining themselves to the safer environs of their homes, the next point to ponder over is whether we are really ‘safe’ even within our homes, given the kind of news we read every morning in the newspaper.

So, despite all the negativity around, each of us should find reasons to find our happiness; our contentment in things we love to do, and  difficult as it may seems, don’t let those terrorists deter you from living life to the hilt…

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