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What Kerala offers you!

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Kerala – What Kerala has in store for you!!

Kerala is the pride of South India – an exemplary amalgamation of mountains, hills, valleys, gorges, beaches, rivers, lakes, canals, estuaries and lot more! A visual and spiritual treat for visitors indeed!

Kerala greets you!

Situated on Malabar Coast, wedged between Lakshadweep Sea and Western Ghats, ‘Kerala – God’s own country’ has a treasure of delights that visitors can savor.

  • Splendid coasts

The state possesses a gorgeous coastline dotted with sandy beaches. The palm-lined beaches, with waves lashing at the rocks and gentle cool breeze is enough to uplift your spirits.  At night the moonlit sands form remarkable expanses to soak in!













Pic credits: WordPress

  • Mesmerizing backwaters

Oh who can forget the famous ‘backwaters’? The deep mangrove wonders with scores of navigable rivers in a maze like network forms beautiful and unique ‘backwaters’ that can be found around Kochi, Kollam, Alappuzha, Kottayam. Gliding along these waters are Kerala’s distinctive houseboats, also known as Kettuvalloms. Discover the enchanting backwaters dotted with lively villages alongside on a houseboat cruise! It is a rustic affair that will let you become one with the quiet serenity of nature. .




Pic Credits: Flickr

  • The Hilly-Billy!

After immersing in the tranquility of waters, you can enjoy the quaint hills. You will be spoilt for choice from amongst the well-known hill stations of Munnar, Wayanad, Wagamon, Peermade, Paithalmala, Nelliampathi and Ponmud.  Adorned with sprawling tea plantations, the hills offer panoramic views. Among the exotic flora found here is the legendary Neelakurinji flower which bathes the hills in blue once every twelve years. It is deemed to bloom next in 2018!














 Pic Credits- Pinterest

  • Exotic wildlife

Kerala has a myriad of protected wildlife sanctuaries and national parks for the wild life lovers. Some famous ones are Periyar, Parambikulam, Chinnar, Thattekad, Wayanad, Muthanga, Aralam, Eravikulam, and Silent Valley. Visit these and spot some rare species, close to the wild beasts in their natural habitat!










  • Origin of gastronomic wonders

Those little spices and nuts that add aromatic and tantalizing flavors to your food may be found in abundance here, owing to a suitable climate. Go visit a spice farm and learn about the origin of pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, vanilla and cashew! Get amazed to see almost 600 varieties of rice being sown in this region! The umpteen flavors of banana chips – salty, tangy, spicy, sweet and jiggery-coated will leave you craving for more! Grab a few packets to relish back at home!

spicesA little bit different

Tall coconut trees shoot out proudly from every nook and corner here. Obviously the coir fiber industry is very popular. You can actually visit one of the fiber factories!

How about staying at traditional farmhouses in a rubber plantation? Raw and humble! You can then go for nature walks and observe the birds, butterflies and squirrels amidst the plants!

The state is also famous for the Ayurvedic tourism and it offers all kinds of therapies, spas, massages for the rejuvenation of your soul. Why don’t you gift yourself the luxury of being pampered by one?

spaHeritage galore

Apart from the natural bounty, the state has a rich history testified by old palaces and religious institutions. Don’t miss the famous churches from the 1st century CE, founded by Thomas the Apostle, the first mosque of India, which existed even before the death of Prophet Muhammad and the oldest active synagogue in the Commonwealth Nations!

churchMelting pot of ancient culture

The vibrant culture comes alive in sublime classical dances like Kathakali. The performers paint faces intricately, wear elaborate masks, colorful costumes and headdresses and narrate mythological tales through dance dramas. You would be mesmerized by their performances while guessing the various gestures and mudras!

shutterstock_11321998Oh – the grand festivities

The Onam festival is celebrated with much fervor in the entire region and should not be missed if you get the chance. Elaborate feasts, folk songs, elegant dances, energetic games, elephants, boats and flowers are part of the festivities.

An enchanting feature of Onam is Vallamkali, the Snake Boat Race, held on the river Pampa. The decorated boats oared by hundreds of boatmen amidst chanting of songs and cheering by spectators conjure a wonderful and colorful sight. The synchronization and harmony of the moving hands will leave you spellbound!

























  • Brings out the warrior in you

Kalaripayattu, regarded as the mother of all martial arts in the world, is practiced here. Its self-defense and fighting techniques draw inspiration from the strengths of wild animals and will surely motivate you to enroll for the training sessions!

KalaripayattuKerala is regarded as a paradise on earth by the ‘National Geographic Traveler’.  Its beauty cannot be expressed enough in words. Plan a trip to capture with your eyes what words seem inadequate for. Pack your bags and enjoy this slice of heaven on Earth!


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